3 Key Roles of a Successful Project Manager

3 Key Roles of a Successful Project Manager

My 8 short months of experience account managing for goBRANDgo! have been an ever-changing and constantly accelerating roller coaster ride. This fast-paced high energy environment can be stressful, but as an account manager it’s important to stay cool.

There are three key roles that you fill as an account manager:

  • The polymath,

  • The sergeant,

  • And the bestie.

Polymath: the jack of all trades

You may not have graduated with a degree in writing or fully understand how html works, or even know how to turn on a computer! Something that you need to understand is that there is art to everything your team does.

You don’t have to be a master of every service that your company offers. Knowing how and what your team needs in order accomplish their tasks is clutch. Setting your team up for success with the right information at the right time is what separates the blindly grasping amateurs from the polished professionals that are known for being on top of it all.

Sergeant: fearless leader

As the account manager of multiple very active accounts, you need to be that leader figure that co workers will go into battle for. You need to show that you’re willing to jump on a grenade or lie down across a ravine to be the bridge that your team needs to get to the other side. You might get a little dirty in the process, but you cannot complete the goal without your team, and your team can’t do it without you.

Bestie: relationship builder

This is crucial! As the main point of contact, you’ll need to understand where the client is coming from. Understanding the client first helps you understand their business as well. In turn, you create solid relationships and form friendships. I consider many of my clients as friends first, and one thing I don’t ever want to do is let down my friends. This opens up clear lines of communication

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