3 Must-Have Habits To Succeed in Sales

3 Must-Have Habits To Succeed in Sales

If you read my earlier post: How a dump truck got me interested in marketing, you’ll know I’ve been reflecting on my entry into the world of marketing and sales.

I know where my interest in marketing came from, and after years of experience, I’m still as excited about it as I was when I first began. That being said, there are some lessons I have learned that I wish I had known from the start.

  1. Get used to being busy all of the time.
    As a young salesperson, you don’t get a ton of responsibility thrust on you right out of the gate. There’s a lot of training, and watching, and listening.
    You have a lot of downtime while the “grownups” are doing the grownup stuff (closing deals). If you give yourself the false expectation that this is the norm, you’ll freak out over the work load when you finally have some real responsibility.
    To combat this, look for small projects to take on: calls to follow up, with dead leads, or anything you can think of to keep your schedule full. It will pay dividends when you actually find yourself needing to pack a 12-hour workday into 8 or 10 hours.
    Maybe you could even write a few thank you cards? Speaking of which…
  2. Write thank you cards.
    Connect with as many people as you can on a personal level and send them hand-written thank you cards for their time and conversation.
    Yes, email is far more efficient and requires less effort and information…but a handwritten thank you card sticks with people.
    I met Brandon Dempsey (one of our owners) for breakfast 2 years ago through a mutual friend. He wrote me a thank you card for my time. That simple gesture made such an impression on me that I altered my career path to ultimately begin working with him.
    What incredible opportunities could you seize with that small boost of thoughtfulness? But make sure to keep yourself on task. Which reminds me…
  3. Find a method for managing your time and daily tasks.
    Sales people are notorious for being good at many things—speaking, influencing, even listening (at times)—but managing tasks and time rarely make that list. Fix that in yourself.
    Establish routines. Identify your peak times of day to cluster certain types of tasks. Front-load your week whenever possible. Simple schedule hacks can go a long way to making controlled chaos look effortless and elegant.
    If you can follow through on tasks and appointments, you’ll separate yourself from the pack and close more deals, and retain happier clients.

There are a ton more things I wish I knew those many years ago, and I’ll add to this list in the future; for now, this should be good to get you started.

What are the key habits that help you crush it in sales? Let me know in the comments!

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