5 iOS Apps to Clean Up Your Digital Life

5 iOS Apps to Clean Up Your Digital Life

Everything seems to be automated nowadays, and for good reason! Remember the old days of tracking mileage in glove box notebooks and scratching out shopping lists on the backs of receipts? There are much better ways of keeping track of your life than ever before, and it all comes down to apps. Our developer, Matt, is a tech wizard and has some recommendations to help you get organized from your phone or tablet. Say goodbye to those scraps of paper and searching for a pen that works, and say hello to these fantastic iOS apps for your Apple device!



This extremely versatile app was designed primarily for grocery lists, but can be used for many other things (hello, sales call list and errands to run!). It can be enabled to communicate with Amazon Alexa or Siri on iOS so you can dictate additions to your list while you’re cooking or cleaning. For example, if enabled, you can tell AnyList to add milk, bread and eggs to your grocery list (you can even include a picture of the brand you love) and they’ll appear for you or anyone you share the list with (spouse, housekeeper, etc.) to reference the next time you’re grocery shopping. AnyList also features location-based reminders, so you will get a notification when you’re near a place with an alert set. Special bonus: there’s a meal planning calendar to help keep you extra organized.


IFTTT (If This, Then That)

IFTTT (pronounced like “gift” without the “g”) is an incredibly useful app for getting your various systems and programs to communicate with each other. With simple clickable formulas, you can link up more than 500 apps including Twitter, Google Drive, Weather Underground and devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and more to create new experiences and store valuable data. It also integrates with the Apple Health app, so you can easily track and maintain your health habits.

For example, you can double down on your social media efforts and save time by having IFTTT follow this recipe: IF you post to Instagram, THEN the app will Tweet the photo. Another example is IF you record a workout in a fitness app, THEN the data will be recorded on a spreadsheet in Google Drive. You can even set an alert to be notified when an important bill related to your industry is signed into law. Don’t worry about creating these recipes; there are thousands to choose from that you can automatically sync up between your apps.



Tracking packages and checking to make sure they have been delivered can be very stressful and time consuming, especially if you use different services. This app allows you to load all your outbound and incoming packages into one app. From the app interface, you can easily manage all USPS, UPS, FedEx (and more!) deliveries and shipments and receive notifications without having to watch for emails. It costs about $5, but is worth every penny if you’re frequently tracking packages for work or home.



Tired of dragging around a password notebook, constantly erasing things and never being able to find it when you need it? Worse yet, are you using the same password for every website you visit just so you don’t have to memorize more than one? Stop being risky and inconvenient with your passwords go digital! 1Password offers simple, organized password storage. You can use the computer or mobile app and once you’ve unlocked your account (with only one password to remember), you’ve got access to the vault of your passwords to the various application and websites you’ve stored. As you create new passwords across the web, 1Password will invite you to save your new login information in the vault and then you’ll always have access to it without having to remember.



If you’re driving a lot of miles for business each year, you know the importance of tracking your miles for tax purposes. Each little trip can really add up if you keep good records, and can lead to a big deduction come tax time. Drive your mileage tracking into the modern era by tracking miles with MileIQ, an iOS app that tracks each mile automatically when your phone goes with you. Save time and effort, and get a quick glimpse at what your miles are worth from the easy-to-use interface. MileIQ automatically creates a log that follows IRS standards and lets you classify each trip as deductible with a single swipe. Because it is tied to your Bluetooth-enabled phone, you can personalize each drive with vehicle names, job numbers or any designation that fits your business.


Whatever task is at hand, chances are, you can find an app to help make things easier and more organized. Apps are a fantastic way to keep records that are easy to share and attach, as well as stay on top of managing news, messages and more. Before you reach for a pen and paper, check to see if there’s an app that can help. That way, your information will always be as close as your phone.

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