6 Tips to Help You Blog Like a Star

6 Tips to Help You Blog Like a Star

How do you consistently publish blogs that people will want to read? There are many ways to write a blog post, and I’m sure that even as I draft this one, more post-styles are being invented. Don’t be intimidated.

Just like learning an instrument, we’ll start with some basics. As you get more comfortable, you’ll begin doing riffs and variations on themes, busting out with screaming solos, and performing in trios at local coffee houses and bars before you know it.

…there’s a chance that I can take a simile too far.

Let’s dive right in. Here are six basic formats that you can use as jumping-off points when you’re faced with the blank screen and blinking cursor:

  1. Pillar Posts: In-depth posts that give an overview of a whole topic. They are practical and useful, often falling under the “how-to” category. Expanding a wiki post into an article that has universal value would be a good start for a pillar article.
  2. Interviews: interviewing someone in your field is a great way to acquire knowledge, build relationships, and add useful content.
  3. Lists: “The Top 7 pieces of Software for a Designer,” or “10 Sexy Tips for Maintaining Team Morale.”
  4. Storytelling: Whether you are relating running a business to playing a baseball game, or training for a triathalon as a metaphor for cold-calling, storytelling is a solid method of connecting to your audience. This can be seen to great effect in whiteboard wisdoms, much of the time.
  5. Case studies: Here was a problem. Here is how it was solved. Next.
  6. Customer questions: This is a no-brainer. Every day, your customers are asking you nit-picky, specific questions about the ins-and-outs of what you do. Answering those questions can be an endless source of quick blogs that have incredible value when it comes down to similar consumers searching for those exact questions.

With the likely exception of pillar posts, your blogs don’t have to be lengthy affairs. The important thing is to leverage your expertise and interests against our audience’s.

With a planned-out blog strategy and a healthy mix of these and other post formats, you’ll be unstoppable. Once you get the ball rolling, you’ll soon be performing to crowds of screaming blog fans in stadiums and arenas.*

What are some of your favorite formats? Where have they led to your success? What questions do you have? As always, comment below, and feel free to ask any questions. It’s why I’m here.

*author makes no guarantee of crowd size at blog concerts. Also, there’s no such thing as a blog concert.

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