A Great Time for St Louis Entrepreneurs

A Great Time for St Louis Entrepreneurs

It is an exciting time in the entrepreneurial space in St Louis right now; there is so much momentum and focus on helping start-ups get the resources they need to be successful.  In the last few weeks, I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with a flurry of activities.

Start Up Weekend made its St Louis debut and was a smashing success.

Start Up Missouri was planned, marketed with just a few emails, and pulled off in under a month to the tune of 75+ Entrepreneurs focusing on how to make Missouri relevant in the space.

Arch Grants is up and running looking to offer at least 10 start-up companies from across the country a $50k grant for bringing their idea and talents to St Louis.

Capital Innovators, of which we are proud sponsors, just announced it’s 2nd class of companies, and there were so many great candidates that they couldn’t settle on only 5 and actually went with 6 fantastic companies.

…and St Louis was named by Mashable magazine as one of the 8 strongest markets for technology hiring in 2012…along with some places you may have heard of like San Francisco, New York City, and Seattle.

Brandon and I also had the honor to sit down with Rodney Crim, the Executive Director of the St Louis Development Corporation, and his team to discuss the landscape of entrepreneurship in St Louis and specifically about our young and talented treps.  We had a fantastic conversation with Rodney, Howard, Erica, Otis, Joe, and Pat about what’s working well and some places there are still some opportunities for growth and improvement, including an idea we’ve been bantering around for an incubator focused on helping young entrepreneurs get their starts here in St Louis.

To finish off a nice run of entrepreneurial activity, I was invited to speak at Trey Goede’s Saint Louis University Entrepreneurial Management class about the journey goBRANDgo! has taken me on as well as some of the lessons other Entrepreneurs have shared with me and some other lessons that we have paid good tuition dollars over the last couple of years to learn.

There has never been a better time to be an Entrepreneur in St Louis than right now.  It has taken a great team of leaders with a shared vision of working together to put St Louis in this position.  It has taken people like Jim Brasunas with iTen, Judy Sindecuse with Capital Innovators, Jay DeLong with the RCGA, Jerry Schlichter with Arch Grants, Kyle Welborn with FinServe, Brian Matthews with Founders Institute, Pete Peters & Phyllis Ellison with Innovate VMS, among countless others to tear down the traditional St Louis-silos and work together for one common goal…to put St Louis firmly on the map as one of the best places for Start-Up Entrepreneurs to call their home.

The goBRANDgo! team is excited to be a small contributing force to this growing swell and are excited to see where together, how high we can take this ride.

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