And the go! Horn goes "BUWAAAAAHH!!!!!"

And the go! Horn goes "BUWAAAAAHH!!!!!"

So, as has been well documented, we have lots and lots of Post-It notes that chronicle everyone’s Wins.  What you may or may not know is how we celebrate our BIG WINS…which is with our go! Horn.  Our go! Horn, which is a fog horn typically reserved for boats and loud sporting events, is reserved for the real good stuff that just can’t wait until Monday morning.  Things like earning the opportunity to work with a new client, crossing off a goal off one of our Lifetime To-Do Lists, or hitting a major company milestone…and last week the go! Horn got a serious work out.

The biggest blast from last week came on Friday, when an invoice was generated that put us over the half-a-million mark for sales on the year, which puts us well on our way to our Million Dollar goal.  Traditionally, the end of the 3rd and beginning of the 4th quarter are our biggest revenue producers.  When we went back and ran the reports from last year, just over 40% of our overall sales in 2010 (which was just shy of $350k) was done after August 26th.  In order to hit our goal for this year, all we have to do is make that 40% go up to 48% and we will be proud members of EO (Entrepreneur’s Organization).

Brandon and I also had a lot of fun Bill Sawalich with Barlow Productions and Jeremy Nulik from the Small Business Monthly during the photo shoot that included juggling and throwing of go! Balls, Wins raining from the heavens (or Jeremy on a chair), and continual verbal sparring among 4 smart a$$es.  The photo shoot was for the upcoming September issue of SBM that will highlight the Top 20 Businesses Under 20 Employees, which we are honored to be a part of.  Although, the photo shoot isn’t quite go! Horn-worthy yet, if Jeremy and Bill decide to put us on the cover (which was a topic of much of the verbal sparring, so we’ll see…), then we will let the go! Horn blow once or maybe even twice more.

…as for a personal Win, my wife and I put an offer on a house in Glendale on Friday afternoon, and  I don’t want to spoil to much of the surprise for next weeks Win post, but let’s just say there was another loud “BUWAAAAAHH!!!” yesterday…well, who wants to wait for next week anyway?


After back and forth negotiations all weekend, we had our offer accepted yesterday!!!  So, hopefully, we will be moving out of our building and away from our goBRANDgo! roommates within the next 45 days, which means goBRANDgo! will get some much needed breathing room(s) for meetings, client interactions, and special events.  Pretty exciting, right?!?  Stay tuned for updates…

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