Are You Delivering Customer Service or Just Lip Service

Are You Delivering Customer Service or Just Lip Service

written by Derek Weber

We have all heard the how important customer service is but does anyone really know what that means or even more important how to make it happen?  I talk with several hundred business owners every year, and I would have to say that for most companies it’s more lip service than customer service.

What do I mean by that?  Well, when you ask 10 business owners, ‘what separates you from the competition’ about 9 of them will inevitably say ‘our customer service’. Any time I hear this, my next question is always, ‘what makes your service better and different than all of your competitors and you know what the general answer usually is, ‘I dunno? It’s just better.  We give better service to our customers. We really take care of them.’  Does this sound familiar?  So, if 90% of businesses all say that’s what makes them different, how different can they really be?

If you can’t measure something, you can’t track it, and if you can’t track it, it doesn’t exist.  What do I mean by that?  If you can’t quantifiably say our customer service is better because of “X” then you aren’t delivering customer service, you are delivering lip service.

This Wednesday, June 9th here at the offices of goBRANDgo!, Bill Collier from Collier Business Advisors and the Great Game of Business, will be talking about how you can do just that.  He will be discussing how customer service starts in the recruitment, hiring, and continual training of your employees, how to create a culture of service to customers, and how to develop and implement policies and procedures to ensure a consistent experience for your clients.  The event is completely free as a way for us to give back to the business community.  RSVP for the event today! We’d be love to have you.

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