Are You Driving Customers Away & w/o Knowing It?

Are You Driving Customers Away & w/o Knowing It?

written by Derek Weber

Every day we all are overwhelmed with business terms like mission, vision, business plan, marketing, customer service, sales process, and on and on and on to the point where we often don’t even see the underlying theme of what all of these elements are…Your Brand.

Every company has a brand whether you know it or not.  Your brand is your corporate identity, who you are, and how you do what you do.  The important thing is first establish your brand identity internally, then market the hell out of who you are to your current and potential customers through targeted marketing campaigns.

When it comes to a corporate brand, at the end of the day all consumers really want is consistency.  This is why McDonald’s is the largest hamburger joint in the world; not because they have the best burger or even the cheapest burger, but you know no matter where you are in the world, when you see the Golden Arches, you know exactly what to expect and know precisely what you will receive…some clogged arteries and a bigger waistline.

When all aspects of your business are in alignment with your brand, you provide a consistent feel to your customers.  If there are any inconsistencies, there is a mental disconnect that will cause your clients to feel mentally uncomfortable, and nobody wants to do business with someone who makes them feel uneasy.  What it comes down to is that it’s not nearly as important what your brand is, but more that you know what it is and align all aspects of your business to be consistent with it.  This is why the first step of our campaign development is clarifying the brand identity of our clients.

The problem most with most businesses is that they tend to have an identity crisis of sorts.  Instead of using who they are as the core to make decisions of what to do, what they do dictates who they are.  On the surface this may not seem so bad, but what you find is that businesses who use this type of philosophy are the ones that go where ever the wind is blowing, which in turn will leave customers wondering who exactly they are doing business with.

The problem with this type of disconnect, is that it often occurs at the subconscious level, making customers not really want to do business with you, but not knowing exactly why.  As far as buying objections are concerned, there are really no good ways to overcome this, which means lacking brand alignment will lead to a high level of customer attrition.

This leaves you with two choices, either let the wind dictate the direction of your brand, or align your sails in a way that the wind will allow your brand to get your business to the place you want to be.  We obviously think latter is a much more effective way, and hope you do as well.

Derek Weber
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