Astral Projections, or, the Connection Between Your Business and the Stars

Astral Projections, or, the Connection Between Your Business and the Stars

For as long as humans have been on this planet, we have been looking upward. We have been mesmerized by those speckled lights peaking out from a vast darkness that is staring down on us from somewhere outside of our understanding. Today, we’ve come to know these unattainable specks as the stars and the components of our universe.

Before civilization and light pollution made it difficult to see what was going on up in the night sky, our ancestors spent their pre-sleeping hours observing millions more stars than we can now see from our city porches and rooftops. Because of this (in addition to a total lack of science in their cave-curriculum), they thought about the stars in a much different way that we do.

These people were fascinated with stars: how they moved, how they related to the earth, and more importantly, their meanings. This fascination ultimately led to the invention of constellations, telling grandiose stories of legendary characters, and giving the night sky a purpose and import that wasn’t apparent to humans before.

Great civilizations such as the Egyptians, Chinese, and Greeks, began establishing observatories to map the positions of the stars and planets. Then, 17th century Nords gave the world the gift of telescopes, ultimately guiding astronomy into the science of today.

Okay, so we like stars, we’ve always liked stars, and we are continually finding ways to track them. But, why?

Because they’re interesting to us. They keep being mysterious and magical, even as we learn more and more about them. They’re unimaginably enormous and an unfathomable distance from us, yet we can see thousands of them in the blink of an eye.

Studying stars tells us about where we are relative to the universe, it gives us a purpose. We can use stars to tell the story of the universe’s beginnings, in scientific or mystical terms. The study of stars is a perfect example of human knowledge conquering mysteries without killing magic.

My challenge to you is to treat your business like the stars. Become mesmerized by your numbers. How do they move? How are they correlated with movements in your business? And most importantly, what do they mean? What secret history do they tell?

It will take time. You’ll develop tools along the way that provide greater insight, and move your team to be fascinated by the numbers. You’ll spend hours developing theories to explain trends in your business only to find out they are incorrect; but that is okay. It brings you closer to understanding how your business works.

And if you think it’s too big of a task to tackle, ask yourself this question: “Is it really tougher to track your business’ numbers than to track the stars in the universe?” People less educated than you, less experienced than you, and less equipped than you have been doing the latter for thousands of years.

So suck it up. Track your business. You just might have a breakthrough discovery, like, I don’t know…the Sun doesn’t revolve around the Earth!

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