Be a Hero…With the Multiplier Effect

Be a Hero…With the Multiplier Effect

I recently came across a Sean Everett post on Quora that recommended we all be a bit more like Clark Kent and less like Superman. A great read, if you’ve got a few minutes. I’ll wait here.

Oh, you’re back. good. Let’s get started.

Anyway, Sean’s post got me thinking about superheroes (not a difficult task). Managers are superheroes. More specifically, they are the leaders of their own teams of superheroes. Combining your own powers with those of a disparate group of individuals in order to prevail over the forces of, well, inefficiency and ineffectiveness when there’s no evildoers around. Yes, I am saying that managers are exactly like Superman, Professor X, Mr. Fantastic, Braniac 5…the list goes on, and I’ve got a deadline.

So, what’s the most effective power for a superhero leader to have?

While I would love to have this discussion in depth and over the course of several work days, I’ll attempt to keep it brief and cut to my chase.

A few years back, there was an NBC show called HEROES. It was, shockingly, about superheroes. There was a vast assortment of super powers on the show, but late in the series, we found out that [SPOILER ALERT] one of the characters—Ando—who was previously thought to be powerless, had the power to amplify other heroes’ powers.

I posit that Ando’s power is the best possible power to have.

Liz Wiseman—in her book Multipliersdescribes how effective managers don’t attempt to be the smartest person in the room. They do everything in their power to amplify the powers of those around them. By building an empire of heroes that are able to use their powers at 100%+ capacity, you and your team can conquer anything!

When you are leading your team, take the time and make the effort to:

  • let your people be heard
  • Emphasize their skills
  • Let their strengths shine through
  • Point them towards fulfillment

And you will be a leader of a true super-team.

The greatest reward of harboring a super power that directly amplifies your team’s super powers is a permanent cycle of excellence. With your humble leadership, you will find your super-crew constantly accomplishing more and more at a higher rate of efficiency and effectiveness than ever before. You all will be a well-oiled machine, conscious and proud of each other’s strengths, pushing the envelope of growth and development. You will sit at the helm of your super-ship, leading through encouragement, and celebrating your successes as a group. Although the Clark Kent side of Superman isn’t, maybe, as glamorous as donning a cape and tights and stealing the show, Superman wouldn’t exist without Clark Kent to pay his electric bill. Two super-heads, after all, are always better than one.

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