Evolve Your Marketing Past the Stone Age

Evolve Your Marketing Past the Stone Age

Companies that embrace the digital revolution and integrate it into their sales and operations are the ones that will profit. The ones that don’t? Well, their competition will have no trouble scooping up their customers and leaving them scratching their heads. Attention spans are limited, and your clients expect to get information quickly and across a myriad of platforms. Large distribution companies have set the expectation that customer service will be available on multiple channels and during extended if not unlimited hours (think 24-hour Twitter support). This expectation has extended into new industries, and we’re willing to bet it’s already changing your industry.


Let’s consider the ways your clients interact with you to get information and how you’re organizing your efforts internally.


Technology for Sales and Service


Do you still direct people to call your office to get a quote? This step creates a barrier that potential clients might not bother with, especially if your competition has created easier access to this information. In today’s digital economy, the company that can answer the questions fastest wins.


You must reduce any frustrations your customers might experience by introducing technologies like online chat, web forms, customer service on social media, quote builders, text message communication, and other tools. You’ve got to use technology to allow your prospective customers to get answers to their questions quicker. If you want a chance to build a relationship with a new customer, then you have to meet them on their level and through their preferred method of communication.


Action Item: Said simply, you’ve got to be where your customers are at just the right moment.


Operational Tech


Operationally, have you tailored your services to work with today’s digital economy? In our business, more and more of our customers want to have access to online status reports and collaboration tools and communicate through video chat. Many seek to be educated in new technology, and they demand regular metrics and ROI reports. Build these tools into how you do business and you will build better client relationships and loyalty.


Action Item: Find new ways to create shareable reports customized to each of your clients, and make sure you’ve got the technology in place to communicate with them in their preferred methods.


Technology in Email Automation


Are you still sending out individual emails or using a spreadsheet to organize your customer database for communication? Not only is this practice archaic, it’s also inefficient. One of the cardinal rules of efficiency is to invest time in systems that increase your results with little to no additional effort required. Automation does for your time what compounding interest does for your money.


Anything you create a process for today will save you time tomorrow, and this is especially true for digital marketing. Your marketing automation system will provide critical data: open rates, click through rates and tracking for sales and leads. At goBRANDgo!, we often create email automation programs for our clients that take an investment of time to write and set up, but save countless hours in the long run.


Action Item: Invest some time in automating your email campaigns and start monitoring vital statistics so you know what’s working and what’s not. Hint: goBRANDgo! can help with this!


If you’re ready to join the digital revolution and keep your company from being left in the dust, contact us today.

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