Case Study: Awesomer Website

Case Study: Awesomer Website

Client: goBRANDgo!

Service: Website redesign

Problem: A few years after hanging the shingle out at the corner of Wisconsin and Utah, this startup integrated targeted marketing firm began to look at their online roots. This creative and innovative company had somehow started growing with an ironically not-so creative or innovative website. It was became clear that they needed a facelift.

This marketing company’s website was much like a mechanic’s auto. It ran, but the professionals were always too busy taking care of the needs of others to focus on their own issues. It’s hard to justify taking time away from paying clients to focus on, well, yourself. The website kept getting pushed down and down on the list of priorities, until a few years later, something absolutely had to be done.

They needed a website that reflected all that they do for their clients. A website that–using awesome UX elements, stunning visuals, and dynamic copy–would draw in users of all kinds. A website that potential clients, employees, and fans would see as not simply informational, but engaging. A website that would push the limits of user experience to provide an interactive peek into the inner-workings of the company.

A website that would be flat out awesomer.

Solution: We’ll let you in on a little secret. That marketing firm? It was goBRANDgo!. That’s right. The language used in the first section was just a clever ruse to lure you in. But it’s a true story. And here’s how we made it happen.

To make sure this website actually came to be, Derek Weber, our President, became a real-life client. We assigned an Account Manager, Designer, Developer, and our Content team to the project and began treating the it like we do every client.

Things we did to get it done:

  • Defined and clumped together the type of viewers who would be accessing our site (potential clients, potential employees, people who are just browsing through/by the site, and our biggest fans)
  • Created a “tour” user experience to show off our culture
  • White boarded out the entire desired user experience
  • Experimented with new tech: HTML 5, crazy functionality, layered sliders
  • Created the Wins Tracker to allow everyone to have as much fun with Wins as we do


  • We improved adaptability, especially when we ran into programming issues with the theme
  • We pushed beyond previous creative limits
  • We conquered heretofore untold coding obstacles
  • We discovered that is possible to devote time to our own projects
  • We made a kick-ass website (but you can be the judge of that)!
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