Celebrating a Winning Culture

Celebrating a Winning Culture

Over the last year, we have all had plenty of reasons to feel angry, depressed, or in my opinion worst of all, complacent.  Nobody could really blame you for feeling this way either.  Pick up any newspaper (people still do that right?), turn on any news station, read a blog…anything, and you’ll read about how bad things are.  “The worst recession since the Great Depression” they say…please.  Anyone with an ounce of historical perspective or has had the good fortune of talking with a Grandparent that lived through it, knows there is a HUGE difference between then and now, between 10% unemployment and 25%+ in the 30s, between not having food and having to cut back from a Starbucks Grande coffee per day to a Tall and God forbid even a Short.

goBRANDgo!-Wins-2010Now, don’t get me wrong, I know there were a lot of people that were hit really hard by the downturn and I really do feel bad for them, but often times Opportunity is wearing the ugly costume of Misfortune.  Some of the greatest innovation and strongest businesses are created in times of distress when people have to go out and do something about their future as opposed to expecting it to be given to them.  A lot of this drive and determination comes from taking on challenges head on, working at keeping a positive attitude, and embracing the good things in your life…Celebrating the Wins. Over the course of the next year, we’d like to open up the curtains a bit and share with you some of the great things the goBRANDgo! team accomplishes and make it up on our Wins Board.

What is the Wins Board, you ask?  Every member of our team has their own color of Post-It note, and throughout the week, each of us write down any thing worthy of a fist-pump or high five…and if it is a really good one, we’ll even blow the Big-Win Blow Horn.  Then each week we start our Monday-morning Huddle by sharing the Wins from the previous week.  Each Post-It gets placed up on the Wins Board creating a really colorful scene that grows every week.

There are some really great things that come from this practice:

  1. Let’s face it, Monday mornings don’t rank high on most people’s “Favorite Things” list, but at goBRANDgo!, sharing each of our Wins creates a positive energy that propels us through the week and cures any cases of the “Mondays” before even sitting down at your desk.
  2. By celebrating our accomplishments, no good deed goes unnoticed.  We lead with carrots instead of a stick; encourage with positive reinforcement rather than threats or fear.  This exemplifies the type of environment each of our team members thrives in.
  3. Our team is made of individuals that hold Continual Learning as a very sacred value.  Each Win is an opportunity for all of us to share something we’ve learned, experienced, or accomplished.  As managers, this gives us opportunities each and every week to discuss the “moral of the story” from our actions and spread that knowledge to the whole team.
  4. On those days when I may not be firing on all cylinders or just a bit down, I know I can get an instant lift by walking over to the Wins Board and reading a few of them and realize just how much we have accomplished in the last week, month, or year…it is an immediate mood elevator.


On New Year’s Eve, we tore down all of the Wins from 2010 leaving a clean slate for 2011.  This isn’t to say we can’t look back on 2010’s Wins with lots of pride, but just that this is a new year with lots of great opportunity, and we can’t rest on the laurels of the successes of the past.  One thing I can promise you, as talented and driven as our team is, the board will be completely covered with a rainbow of Post-Its in no time flat.  I hope you can draw a bit of inspiration from this and look for the positive things in your life…notice them, embrace them, and celebrate the heck out of them.  We’ve only got a short time to play this game of life, and Winning is a whole lot more fun!

Don’t have a Wins Board of your own?  Feel free to use the Comments section below as your own personal Wins Board and share them with us and all of our readers.  We’ll have our weekly Wins Post up every Monday by the end of the day.  We can’t wait to hear what you’ve done this week worth celebrating!!!

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