Determining Fit

Determining the ‘fit’ Factor

“We took a different approach to how we engaged [this client] to determine our fit for each other, due to the nuanced nature of a startup in the FinTech space.”

Whether we are hiring a new go!mate or engaging a prospect in our sales process, fit is the most important factor whenever we enter into a relationship at goBRANDgo!. Our entire process (read about it here) has been structured and refined to ensure that our clients are a great fit for us, and that we are the best fit for their business. With this client, we took a different approach to how we engaged them to determine our fit for each other, due to the nuanced nature of a startup in the FinTech space.

Transferrable Lessons
Starting Small

Most of our clients are $10-$100 million privately held companies who are already well established in their industry and expertise. A startup is a different animal. When we met with this client in the sales process, we knew that we dug each other’s energy, but because their company was just launching, they weren’t quite ready to venture into a full strategic, long-term relationship without some further vetting.

Taking Us for a Test Drive

During these early conversations with this client, we discovered that they were getting ready to deliver a huge pitch to a Fortune 500 company, and they were not happy with how their slide deck represented their business. As a “test run” project, they engaged goBRANDgo! to design a new pitch deck geared toward their potential client, with the understanding that if the project went well, they would engage us for ongoing future work.

Building Trust & Engagement

We killed it on the pitch deck – after many rounds of revisions. We learned that a startup, especially in the software and technology space, is ever-changing. We learned that working with this type of client requires us to be flexible and nimble, as they are navigating entirely new waters as we are getting to know them at the same time. We helped this client by building a solid brand platform and designing their website around their new, focused messaging. They are now engaging us in a strategy relationship after the completion of several successful projects, including their website which launched in Fall of 2016 – check it out here.

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