Do you run your business like a Great Chef or want to stay small?

Do you run your business like a Great Chef or want to stay small?

I recently completed the book ReWork and a took away from it many interesting insights, one of which was to run your business like a great chef.  This struck a chord with me instantly as I read thinking about several businesses I have spoken with in the past year that were afraid to talk about their process, business, customers, or products for fear that “the evil competition” might be able to gleam some insight out of their marketing.  Every time a client said something to this effect, it jarred me, but I couldn’t pin point why.  Last week it struck.

It was jarring because it’s ridiculous. I just didn’t have the logical reasoning in my head to prove so.  If you think that your business is so unique that you can’t share an overflow diagram or simple marketing piece about what you do, your potential customers will most likely not see you as the expert YOU think you are.  Great chefs are known not only for their great food, but the cookbooks and recipes they release.  Emeril Lagasse’s title to his website is, “BAM! is your source for Chef Emeril Lagasse’s recipes, restaurant info, videos, merchandise and anything that has to do with Emeril.”  Does he appear to be worried that someone is going to take his business secrets and open up a restaurant right next to his?  No, of course not because it wouldn’t have Emeril!

Is your business unique enough in the market place that it actually requires someone special?  If not, then maybe you do have something to worry about as you don’t have a Unique Selling Proposition in the marketplace.  What makes some businesses in demand over others are the results and unique aspects in their field that they can bring to the table.  Furthermore, when you open up your business and share, your customers learn about what makes you unique and your business is put in the spotlight of the expert.

Wouldn’t you rather be perceived as the expert over a commodity?  Wouldn’t it be better to have customers lining up to do business with you instead of you having to go out and hunt for them?  Open up, share your knowledge, help others, and give a little.  Your business will grow because of it and you will be able to relish in the fact that YOU set the industry standard, not follow it.

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