Don’t Waste Your Time on Crap

Don’t Waste Your Time on Crap

We have all been told “you are what you eat.”

Could the same be true for our brains?

Think about it (pun intended): do you fill your mind with mindful content that allows you to learn, see the world differently, grow, and ultimately become better? Or do you fill your mind with mindless content like sitcoms, movies, and entertainment that does not challenge your thoughts, motivate you to action, or help you grow in any productive way?

Mindful content is everywhere and in multiple mediums.

I am a big fan of TED talks, but recently I have been too busy to watch the videos, so instead of listening to music in my car I now subscribe to the TED talk NPR radio show.

I read several blogs daily:

All these blogs teach me something about how to be a better manager, leader, and person. They also keep me up to date on the latest trends and stuff I’m interested in.

Your mind controls your thoughts and ultimately your future.

When you fill your mind with new ideas and information, your perspective grows, and the potential for what you can accomplish ultimately grows.

So many people I meet tell me that they’d love to do something else in life: start a business, get better at something, learn something new, etc.

When I ask them how they spend their free time, I hear stories of going to the movies or watching TV at night.


Get your mind focused on productive activities and it will get focused on finding ways to help you achieve your true goals and desires in life.

Life is too short, don’t waste it on crap.

Give yourself every chance you can to succeed in life. Learn, grow, and adapt; this is what life is about.

Chose to live life through your own experiences and not through stories told by others. It’s time to go make your own stories.


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