Double Double by Cameron Herold Book Review

Double Double by Cameron Herold Book Review
I just finished Double Double by Cameron Herold and thought it was absolutely awesome!!!!  I used to judge how goods book were by how much I marked them up, but now with the iPad it’s the number of highlights & notes…which your book got a whopping 93.
I found it really amazing how similar our thought processes about business are.  There were a lot of things that were almost verbatim what I preach to my team, while at other times Cameron helped crystalize a loose collection of thoughts that were in my head but I never could accurately articulate.
I think one of the most impactful sections for me was on the recurring meetings.  We have 13 employees (have had to hire 7 already this year) but I was starting to worry about layering too many meetings (the productive growth/culture focused ones) but it was pretty much in alignment with his lineup.
Overall, anyone who is looking to grow their business and wants to read something that talks in specifics about how to do it, should absolutely read this book.  Buy, read it, and let me know what you think.
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