Essential Business Support from goBRANDgo!

Essential Business Support from goBRANDgo!

As manufacturing allies, goBRANDgo! has been working hard these past few weeks to support businesses that have been deemed essential by state, local, and federal governments during the COVID-19 crisis. We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight a few of them and what they are doing to keep our economy afloat.

HOLT Electrical Supply

No matter what is going on, construction still needs to take place. The guys at HOLT are keeping it going by staying open with modified protocol at their locations. However, the company is also doing its part to support local restaurants by delivering donuts and pretzels to job sites with employees wearing PPE. 

Cope Plastics

Cope Plastics is one of the Midwest’s largest plastics distributors and fabricators, and they have shifted their focus to ensure grocery stores and other retailers have the plastic partitions that prevent the spread of germs while people shop for essentials. Cope is also providing plastic to companies that manufacture face shields and other PPE. 


Critical manufacturing has to keep going during this crisis. It’s also pretty cool when you receive a letter from the Army asking you to stay open because our national defense depends on you. Paulo is also involved in the manufacturing process for airplane parts, Lysol wipes, car parts, and more. 

Shapiro Metals

No matter the weather, the scrap must go through. Recycled materials compose so many of the products we rely on to keep our world moving. Now is not the time to forget about pushing forward in the quest to make metal manufacturing more sustainable and more cost efficient. 

Hartwig, Inc.

Without airplane parts, oil and gas rigging parts, and other critical parts, our infrastructure could not be sustained. Hartwig supplies manufacturers with the necessary machines and service to keep their operations running. 

Wilson Manufacturing

Bandages, face masks, surgical gowns, and so many more PPE and medical devices rely on die-cutting technology to reach the market quickly. Wilson’s supply chain of rotary tooling is helping this critical industry keep up with demand. 

National Shunt Service, Ltd.

Logistics for grocery and drug stores, utility companies, and other critical sectors are vital to our infrastructure. To get essential goods where they need to go, trailers have to get moved in the yards of distribution centers. National Shunt’s yard management serves as an important link in the North American supply chain!


goBRANDgo! is here for you.

If you’re in the manufacturing supply chain for an essential industry, we are here to help. We know that marketing isn’t your priority right now, but we can give you advice to help you mitigate risk and set your business up for market recovery. Call us if you’re facing challenges and interested in advice from everything from company culture to tax credits. We have your back. We’re all in this together — reach out if you need us!

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