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Fabtech 2023

Thank you for attending the presentation on “You Don’t Need New Customers to Grow.” We hope you found the insights valuable and encourage you to implement the tactics shared, such as data analysis and segmentation, personalized content creation, multi-channel outreach, and continuous monitoring and nurturing, to boost your business growth through reactivating customers and driving referrals.

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You don’t need new customers to reach your 2023 revenue goals

Your existing database has huge business potential, and it’s time to tap in. You need a marketing team that can keep current and dormant customers primed to buy again…so your sales team can stay focused on hot opportunities and closing. We’ll work with you to align our efforts with your business priorities so that marketing and sales can win together.

How many customers in your database haven’t bought from you in the past 12 months?

With the right combination of buyer psychology, strategy, and targeting, we can help you break through and reengage dormant customers in your database. Then, we’ll use an iterative approach to keep the conversation going and drive sales.

Does your website keep customers coming back?

Your website should function like a well-educated sales pro who never takes no for an answer—and provides never-ending avenues for educating prospects, driving leads, and providing resources and support to customers. It should also be built with the ability to help your marketing team track ROI of your efforts and provide data that leads to insights on how to improve your digital presence over time.

Is your team equipped with the right messaging?

Creating great messaging that resonates starts with understanding your audience. We’re not talking about age ranges, demographics, and job titles—while that’s part of it, there’s more—we’re talking about aligning your products and services with their challenges, goals, and aspirations. Our process uncovers these insights so that we can craft your messaging to strike the perfect logical and emotional chords with target prospects.

Engineered marketing is proven to fuel success for industrial companies.

Engineered marketing is our industry’s answer to design for manufacturability: we take solid principles and tailor our approach to suit your goals in your market niche (your application, so to speak). The result? A smooth, enjoyable process that delivers results.

Marketing Services for Manufacturing

We use marketing to solve problems and help you achieve your sales and revenue goals. How do we do it? We blend a full scope of marketing services together to create strategic campaigns, dynamic brands, and high-converting websites.

Email & Digital Marketing

Cold email campaigns, nurturing sequences, regular newsletter, promotions, digital ads—we match your online communication tactics with your business goals.

Branding & Rebranding

If your company’s image needs to evolve, we can help. From naming to logo design to visual and verbal identity, we’ll ensure the innovation inside your organization is reflected on the outside through your brand.

Sales Enablement

Who cares about driving leads or web traffic if your sales team isn’t equipped to close? From print collateral to slide decks to trade shows, we’re here to help you sell.

Strategic Content

Companies that win are the ones who are there to answer when their prospects are asking questions. We help you build trust, rank better in search, and generate leads with blog articles, premium content, web content, social media, and more.

Brand Strategy

Successful marketing starts with the right message and the right positioning. Our Winning Zone process helps us build that foundation together.

Website Design & Development

We design and build websites that move prospects to convert while providing valuable resources to your potential and current customers.

Campaigns that get you where you want to go.

We organize marketing into strategic, time-bound, targeted activities that move your results from the baseline to where you want to go. We blend and select from digital and traditional approaches to move prospects and customers from one stage of your funnel to the next.

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more likely to get repeat business from retargeting campaigns



of B2B companies currently run marketing campaigns



of people wouldn't recommend a business if it has a poorly designed website



average increase in brand awareness from digital ads

Websites that work as hard as you do.

With full design, content, and development services, we transform your digital presence from a Ford Pinto (looks terrible, doesn’t work, might explode) to a tough pickup with a world-class interior (a beautiful workhorse inside and out).

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