Facebook. It's OKCupid for Your Business

Facebook. It's OKCupid for Your Business

You’re a business right? So I bet you have a Facebook Page.

I’m a single 24 year old girl; you can bet I have an OKCupid Page.

How are these things similar? You reach your target audience with quality content.

Target Audience

Admittedly, my target audience is some sort of unfortunate hipster/fratdog hybrid that enjoys jazz music and rugby. I know this sad fact as the result of COUNTLESS hours of research and an acute knowledge of who is going to tolerate my brand and who will not.

Your target audience, as a business, is probably equally unique. You’re looking for that sweet Venn overlap of individuals who will genuinely enjoy, love, and respect your product or service and those who are willing to pay top dollar for it.

In order to identify your ideal client, there should be a hearty amount of research that goes into pinpointing who this person is. I’m not saying you should waste your entire college experience dating losers to find out you deserve better, but I am saying it’s worth the time to reflect on who you are most interested in attracting.

Start Marketing

Once you know who you are marketing to, the next thing you need to do is start marketing. OKCupid does you the favor of giving you a profile with specific prompts to fill out. It even goes the extra mile of having a call to action built into your profile:

There are 3.5 million unique OKCupid users. It is my responsibility to impress them with the words that I’m using to describe myself.

As a business using social media, you are equally responsible for painting a portrait of yourself that is accessible and appreciated by the masses. Express yourself in your best light. Explain your company with language, images, and a tone that will garner the type of attention that you want to be getting from potential suitors.

Widen the Net

Someone once explained online dating to me as a means of widening the net you use to catch the many fish in the sea. I go to the same places pretty much every day. Bus stop. Mud House. goBRANDgo!’s offices. Mud House. Bus stop. Diablito’s Cantina. My apartment.

There are only so many fresh, new, soul mates that you can meet in those 7 places. The internet gives you the opportunity to expose yourself to fish that are swimming over at Shameless Grounds instead of Mud House…without ever leaving the comfort of your office chair.

Social Media functions similarly for exposing your business to new potential customers. If you’ve already identified your ideal client, and you are creating content that will appeal to this type of person, the internet is your tool for getting that info in front of people’s eye holes.

If you’ve got a bike shop on Cherokee St. and every hipster in a two block radius loves hanging out there, there is no reason why every hipster in a 200 block radius shouldn’t be hanging out there too.

The goal is simply to speed up the process by which your coolness is broadcasted to the world.

Any questions? Call me! My number is [This is not a dating site, Bronwyn. -ed.]. Or, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

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