First Week at goBRANDgo!: Reflections

First Week at goBRANDgo!: Reflections

Hello interwebs, I’m Nicole, the newest designer-developer hybrid here at goBRANDgo!

As part of my new job I’m required to regularly write for this fancy blog.  Wait. What? A designer/developer has to write blog posts? Big smile followed by heart palpitations [There is not an emoticon for this. -ed.]

In my six years in the industry, I have written plenty of website outlines, edited wordy brochure content, and updated my Facebook status with touching “dog becomes best friends with an elephant” videos, but that’s about it. I regularly speak about the creative industry, so this shouldn’t be any different right?

Honestly, I’m intimidated by this new required task…at least I can count on my three younger sisters to read my posts. They always think I’m the coolest. Oh, and my mom.

So here I am: conquering my new challenge.  A quick rundown of my first week at gBg! goes a little something like this:

  • Spilling my entire mug of coffee on my keyboard within the first 10 minutes of my first day…in front of my new boss.
  • Bronwyn wasn’t joking with, “you’ll start to notice your calendar filling up quickly”
  • Super-cool new responsive WordPress development stuff.
  • Teaching Ryan how to use “content-aware” in Photoshop
  • unexpected tears in Jimmy’s Jeep on the way to my honorary lunch (sorry about that Jim – I swear I’m not THAT girl)
  • getting to see AJ’s super sweet tat of my alma mater at Tower Taco – Let’s go BULLDOGS!
  • excited and refreshed point of view of this awesome industry

I have never thought of myself as a blogger or writer of cool things, but hey, I’ll try.

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