Gaining Invaluable Insights from In-Person Experience

Gaining Invaluable Insights from In-Person Experience

How long has it been since you spent time in-person observing your customers or clients as they work? Chances are, it’s something you’ve never experienced. We think you should make taking time for a “day in the life” a priority. There’s no better way to learn the struggles, successes and strategies of your target audience.

At goBRANDgo!, our account managers regularly spend time with clients in their sandbox. When we do this, we get a much clearer understanding of what matters most to them. It’s an entirely different experience than spending a simple lunch or happy hour with them. Our “Day in the Life” practice has given us valuable insights and could do the same for your business. Here’s how it works.

We reach out to our client and request a “shadow day” with one or several members of their team. During this day, we observe what it takes for them to be successful and discover opportunities to become better partners to their efforts. These days help us better understand our clients’ workflow and allow us to develop new strategies to make marketing and sales even more successful.

Things to Note During a “Day in the Life” Can Include:

  • Ways to improve current systems
  • New processes that might help
  • Interactions they have that are both positive and negative
  • Challenges they need help solving
  • Potential pitfalls or unnecessary efforts that they might not have noticed

It’s important to note that we don’t interrupt their workflow or conversations. A Day in the Life exercise is all about observation and then taking time to ruminate on those observations. After we have processed our findings, we make suggestions to help our clients save time, be more efficient and improve their experiences. goBRANDgo! discovers and shares ways that we can alleviate inefficiency and stress by taking some tasks off the plates of our clients. At times, we have made suggestions to improve marketing materials that we might not have otherwise seen.

For example, after attending a course offered by one of our clients, our account manager was able to point out some inconsistencies in the way the course was being marketed versus what it was like to attend. At our suggestion, they implemented a branded agenda for attendees so that expectations were properly set. We also recommended a follow-up email to attendees to capture their feelings about the class. After attending the course, we created an improved presentation that included their current branding and let the instructor know to circulate around the room more to engage the students. Because we experienced their offering as if we were one of their customers, goBRANDgo! was able to give real advice with inside knowledge.

If you have the opportunity to spend some time with your customers or clients, you will be guaranteed to glean invaluable information about how you can be even more beneficial to them. It will help you secure your position with them by being proactively useful, and shows that you truly care about how you can improve their business. You will find holes in their systems, processes and functions and think of ways they can improve.

Make a Day in the Life appointment with your top clients, and become an even more irreplaceable partner to them. We suggest checking in with clients in this way at least annually. It will be more than worth your investment of time and resources to get there and could save a relationship or earn you new business from referrals.

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