GDPR Compliance and Web Hosting at goBRANDgo!

GDPR Compliance and Web Hosting at goBRANDgo!

As you’ve probably heard, there has been a lot of buzz in the media lately about the regulation of personal data collection, specifically the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


What’s GDPR?

GDPR is designed to give individuals better control over their personal data collected and used by organizations (websites, digital advertising, apps. etc.). If you want to read more about the GDPR visit here.


We know what you’re probably thinking: “But we’re a U.S. business. What does an EU regulation have to do with me?”

Companies with a web presence that collect personal data from users, even if they are in the U.S., are at risk of violating the GDPR if they currently do business with users in the EU. Every website is now required to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures in relation to the nature, context, and purpose of their handling and processing personal data.  


Now what? What does this mean for me?

Your website that is hosted by goBRANDgo! needs to be updated to meet the requirements of GDPR. Many of our third-party vendors and software used and/or connected to your CMS website requires your website to be GDPR compliant. Some of these integrations are but not limited to; Google Analytics, Ad Roll, Visual Visitor, and many CRM platforms. At goBRANDgo!, we care about you and your business and we want to protect you from any potential fines your company could face without GDPR compliance.

Over the next month, we will be updating documentation on your website for GDPR compliance.  These changes will include new privacy and cookie policies along with updated terms and conditions. We will be performing these initial implementation and updates free of charge.

However, because of these new regulations, our costs of providing web hosting as a service have increased due to the ongoing maintenance required to constantly update compliance documentation. We will be updating our basic monthly hosting price to $175.00 to cover these costs. SSL certificate prices will not be affected, so if your website has an SSL, your total monthly cost will be $200.00. You will see this increase reflected on your August 2018 invoice.


Have questions or concerns? Give us a call, or simply reply to this email and one of our team members will get back to you shortly. Thank you for trusting and hosting with us!

-Your Friends at goBRANDgo!