Getting Hosting Right—Introduction

Getting Hosting Right—Introduction

Wouldn’t it be nice?

When you make a site live, you click a button, sit back, and everything is fine from there on out? Up-to-date, data secured, and maintenance free?

Of course it would!

But this is reality, and we don’t have that option. Speaking of options, there are hundreds of options when it comes to hosting your sites;

So where do you start?

You’ll find a number of companies out there throwing out offers that read, “$9.95 and under, UNLIMITED EVERYTHING!, $100 Google AdWords, and 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed!” Attention getting, but unless you’re hosting a single basic blog or two, I strongly urge you to look past all that and find what really fits your needs. The basic option may or may not be what is best for you and your (hopefully) growing online presence.

My first suggestion is to create the mindset that you are a Consultant on the project charged with answering this one question;

What are your true needs for hosting?

It’s starting to seem easy right?

I wish. We’re actually just getting started. The thing is, If you approach it from this perspective you’ll start asking and answering the following questions as well, and more.

  • How many sites do you need to host?
  • Do I need Linux or Windows based hosting?
  • How technical is the client?
  • What about E-commerce?
  • What are the best needs for this sites performance?
  • Are there any special security needs?


I know a lot of this can seem foreign and become overwhelming, but I wouldn’t worry. Your developer/designer should be able to help you answer these questions and help guide you towards the proper solution, so—in 99% of cases—you’re not alone in this.

For almost every business, your website is more than about credibility and relevancy. Today’s websites serve a direct purpose in defining and selling your brand as well as driving potential customers to the areas they need to be in order to get their questions answered and create revenue for your company, so it’s important that your data is safe and your site performs at it’s best, all the time. It’s easy to get online, but there’s a big difference between doing it and doing it right.

Before we can move onto the next part—narrowing down your actual hosting provider and starting down the path to getting online the right way, we have to start answering those questions above.

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