go! getter series event: GROWING PAINS

go! getter series event: GROWING PAINS

GROWING PAINS: Managing the Growth of Your Business, Your Employees, and Yourself

Want to learn how to SERIOUSLY grow your business and yourself?

Want to learn how to: attract the right advisors; trade up and create an A-player dream team; strengthen your chances of accelerating personal and business growth, especially during tough economic times?

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Come meet Bob Guest, Founder Affinity Law Group.

Building a successful business is hard work.  There is just no other way around it.  However, there are ways to unburden the load and make business and the efforts you put toward it more fruitful. A successful entrepreneur, attorney, investor, and all around smart business dude, Bob has served in a myriad of advisor roles for both big and small businesses.  His unique approach to business fundamentals have helped many to overcome the fears and obstacles thrown in their way.

Bob’s presentation will look at how you and your business can and should capitalize on situational changes.

Ask yourself, “Should I passively wait for change to take effect (and see if my business prospects have improved), or should I actively EFFECT change (and make certain my business prospects have improved)?”

You will leave with strategies useful in driving growth by overcoming the fear of change.

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We hope you can join us for this FREE event!

Beer, wine & light snacks will be served.

Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2011   Time: 5:30pm7:30pm   

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{ The go! Getter Series are educational events we host to bring together the best and brightest talent of St Louis to engage, learn, and meet other serious go! getters.We host 2 different go! Getter Series events every month with 2 main focuses:1) Small business owners, Entrepreneurs, independent professionals, and sales reps.  These events are centered around ways to further develop yourself professionally, and learn some tips & tricks to improve your business.

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