go! getter!

go! getter!

This photo really captivates the ambiance of this month’s go! Getters Series, hosted Wednesday, June 22nd at the goBRANDgo! office. Candidly shot by our beautifully-talented Graphic Designer, Miss Krystyna Ninh, and edited by our Masterful Web Developer, Sir Camron Wood, you can practically see the desired information seeping into the brains of the audience.

The Great Game of Business was the topic of this delightful, alcohol-infused evening. Bill Collier led us through the approach to Open-Book Management, a unique and highly-proven way of running a company that gets every employee focused on the total success of the company. We learned that, by opening the “books” (becoming monetarily transparent throughout the business) and communicating how the performance of each and every employees is directly tied to the overall success of the company, performance will improve!

We had a great turnout of about 45. The diverse crowd networked and mingled, munched and swigged until they practically needed to be pried apart in order to move on to the next item on the agenda.

Two of whom attended happened to be my very own mom, Josie Green, and big sister, Catherine Pilarski. I was thrilled to have them attend and be able to give them the official go! tour! At the beginning of Bill’s presentation, everyone was asked to stand and give a quick introduction of yourself and what you do. My cute, little mama announced that her job as a CPA was to “keep people out of jail!” causing the room to echo with laughter. Amused, Bill continued to pick on her the rest of the evening, later giving her a brand new copy of “The Great Game of Business,” which I will be sure to steal from her immediately.

Another highlight of the night was watching the creative ways people found to make it to the loo without disrupting Bill’s presentation. The problem was, there were so many people, chairs, and desks in the room, that there was no open path to the restroom. With the many bottles of beer and wine given freely to our guests, this posed a serious problem. All of a sudden, I spot our designer, Krystyna, leave out the front door. “Huh, did she decided to take a stroll?” I pondered. Three seconds later she enters our side door with a sly look on her face. Disappearing under her work desk, she reappears on the other side with a smirk. Fluidly slipping into the ladies’ room, she reached her destination. Reverse to start.

Later, Scott Pope of RBO Print Logistix modified Krystyna’s route without leaving the premises, safely arriving at the restroom by meandering over and under various tables (in a very manly way, I might add).

Overall, the go! Getters Series proved to be a complete success. Almost having to resort to flickering the lights and yelling, “LAST CALL!!” the remaining people reluctantly left four hours later. No need to worry, the next series is already set for Wednesday, July 27th at 5:30pm, and to be repeated on the fourth Wednesday of every month. Forever and Ever. The End.

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