go! One Years!

go! One Years!

Last week was a week of One Years at goBRANDgo!, causing plenty of things to celebrate…as if we don’t have enough to celebrate already here at gBg!

Last Thursday, September 22nd, was Miss Katie LaMarsh’s ONE YEAR anniversary at goBRANDgo! Katie has been one of our totally-awesome, beautifully-talented, and down-right AMAZING Account Managers on the go! team. We love you so much Katie..please don’t ever leave us! 🙂

Another ONE YEAR happened the very next day. Friday, September 23rd was my baby dog’s first birthday! Teddy, mini Golden Doodle, is one of the newest members of the doggie go! team. His hobbies include going for long walks, attracting the attention of every person possible, licking the lotion off your legs right after you put it on, gnawing on his bones, playing with his cousin- Bear, chasing squirrels, watching TV with his family, and making people laugh.

My family had a little first birthday party for him last Saturday (see picture below) and he enjoyed a big birthday cookie (made for a dog, of course), which he ate just like a child- licking the icing off first. Dogs sure do make life interesting!

As for my wins for last week….

  • I had a great Fact Finding meetings with Liz McVicar of Signature Teas and Attorney, Mike George, who are both very interested in working with goBRANDgo! to build their Brands and strengthen their marketing
  • Tim Dean and I held a Core Messaging Exercise with Vicki Borror of QAS, which was extremely successful
  • I met with Indira Murray, Development Associate at SSDN, (South Side Day Nursery) about goBRANDgo! becoming corporate volunteers to help support their wonderful learning center
  • Lastly, I attended the Green Homes Great Health festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden last Saturday and met with a number of “green” business owners interested in learning more about goBRANDgo! and how we can help build their brands!
To the rest of the go! team and all blog-readers out there, please comment and share your “wins” for last week! We would love to hear them!

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