go!-Team Presents at WordCamp 2018

go!-Team Presents at WordCamp 2018

Whether you are working in website development or on a team with many layers of roles and responsibilities, an established workflow can help keep things organized. Make sure that all parties involved gather for frequent touch-base meetings and that there are established rules for communicating issues and challenges. By setting some ground rules and keeping the lines of communication open, you will net greater success for team projects.

For the websites that we build and host, WordPress is our chosen content management system (CMS) at goBRANDgo!. It was selected because it is geared to work well for everyone from first-time users wanting to build a single website to developers of themes, plugins and even the WordPress system. Each year, WordPress developer meetups take place across the country and attract movers and shakers in the development community.

This year in St. Louis, several hundred attendees gathered to share ideas and discuss new features and the technology around WordPress. goBRANDgo! developers Nick Mantia and Matt Decrevel presented our method that keeps things running smoothly to the St. Louis WordPress community at WordCamp STL 2018.

As two developers who have worked on hundreds of sites both individually and as a team, Nick and Matt have found ways to manage complex relationships between each other and our clients. They shared the systems they have in place for balancing ongoing client changes with continuous development enhancements and fixes.

Having an established workflow for a multi-person development and content team helps to keep everyone on the same page about simultaneous changes. With continual content updates being made by clients, while new development functionality is being implemented, the loss of database information or code seems inevitable. In their presentation, Nick and Matt discussed how they structure their daily interactions and make things work despite all the moving parts.

“Aside from teaching people about how we structure our work, we wanted to show people how complex our job can be and help them to understand that what they consider a quick fix might actually be complicated,” says Matt Decrevel. “Because of the interconnectivity of the way websites are structured on the back end, changing one thing can set off a domino effect that we have to consider.”

If your projects require multiple people to work simultaneously, consider how a clearly communicated workflow can help. Make sure to consult each member of your team and ensure that everyone understands the intentions. If the plan needs to flex to accommodate a new challenge, schedule a quick discussion and then break.

Check out Nick and Matt’s presentation!  

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