goBRANDgo! 1 year back- Wins Post

goBRANDgo! 1 year back- Wins Post

This week marks 1 year since Derek and I “moved in together.”  If any you have heard the story of how Derek and I merged our companies, it’s pretty funny, but none the less 1 year ago this week I moved Expert Status Online- my web development company, into the space here at goBRANDgo!  What we didn’t know at the time was that 1 year later we would have a team of 13 people, have offices on the second floor of our building, have a payroll that is larger than our entire gross sales last year, and have a team of such talented and passionate individuals that this no longer seems like work!

Today Krystyna Ninh, (one of our newest family/cult/team members) gave her Prezi presentation introducing us to what makes her go!  Something powerful struck me in her presentation.  A quote that read, “Find a job that makes you happy and you’ll never have to work a day in your life again.”  What’s crazy is that 1 year ago Derek and I discussed creating a place where talented people could come and work without limits and focus on enjoying life and meeting people’s needs.  I won’t go so far as to say that what we have here at goBRANDgo! is perfect, but what I will say is that Krystyna’s comment echos the reason Derek and I brought our companies together, to build a new type of business where people can have fun, make money, and grow both personally and professionaly everyday. Thank you to everyone at goBRANDgo! that has worked to make our vision a reality.

Now my wins for the week:

  1. Thank you Jim Jump and Small Business Week for the invite of Derek Weber and Brandon Dempsey to participate on your Business Roundtable Television broadcast (interview coming soon) from Lindenwood university.  We had a really great time and look forward to seeing the interview air.
  2. Saturday night, my wife Adriene and I were invited by Leo Miceli to a St. Jude’s Charity Benefit Dinner.  I had no idea the amount of generosity that St. Jude’s extends to all of its patients.  What an incredible organization.  On top of that they arranged for Tony Bennett to do a show!  He was absolutely incredible. Leo we appreciate all you do for goBRANDgo! and our other businesses, thank you for being such a valued partner
  3. Joe Weinbauer with Weinbauer Financial Group (getting a new goBRANDgo! website in the coming weeks).  Joe is a new client of goBRANDgo!’s and one we are ecstatic to have!  Joe specializes in hard asset investments (gold, oil, coal, etc.) and is an incredibly connected and smart individual.  Thank you Weinbauer Financial for trusting your marketing to goBRANDgo! we’re about to rock your world!

Lastly, Remember to sign up for our go!getter series event this Wednesday night!

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