goBRANDgo! featured in WordPress founder's keynote

goBRANDgo! featured in WordPress founder's keynote

This weekend, Wordies (WordPress enthusiasts) from around the world attended a sold-out WordCamp in San Francisco. The WordCamp consists of 3 full days of speakers, presentations and Q&A sessions, an event almost 10 times larger than the WordCamp held here in St. Louis last weekend.

Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, presented his ‘State of the Word’ keynote today that highlighted the amazing progress WordPress has made and the road to innovation ahead. Along the way, he noted a handful of companies from around the world… one being goBRANDgo! It was AWESOME!!! We are very grateful for the support.

Fun Facts you may not have known:

14.7% of all the websites in the world are run on WordPress (up from 8% last year).
22 out of every 100 new domains purchased are being used for a WordPress Sites.
And just for fun… JayZ’s new site http://www.lifeandtimes.com is run on WordPress

We are always striving to be on the cusp of innovative and efficient ways to do things – it’s incredibly reassuring and rejuvenating to see that we’re ahead of/inspiring that curve.

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