goPIXARgo! : In Which a Designer/Coder Hybrid Reviews a 5-year-old Movie About Cartoons in a Marketing Blog

goPIXARgo! : In Which a Designer/Coder Hybrid Reviews a 5-year-old Movie About Cartoons in a Marketing Blog

It’s no secret that I love working here at goBRANDgo!. At least, if it is, then I haven’t been shouting loudly enough how much of the Kool-Aid I’ve drunk since I came on board. When I describe my days at the office to people, I often put it into context by asking if they’ve ever seen anything with images of working life at Pixar Studios. My family and I love the Pixar movies (because we are human beings, and it’s a requisite), and I’ve always enjoyed seeing snippets of life in their offices.

The Pixar Story is a documentary that apparently came out in 2007 while I was busy doing something else. If it hadn’t appeared in my Netflix stream, I would still not know that it existed. When I turned it on, I knew that I was going to get an uplifting story of a plucky and innovative company that worked very hard and became a huge success. Also, perhaps some clips from Toy Story.

What surprised me, however, is how much a lot of the things in the Pixar busiopic resonated with my new home here at gBg!. Both companies are the result of brilliant entrepreneurial people using creativity and ingenuity to change the face of their respective fields. Both companies have, at their heads, polymaths from diverse backgrounds who are not afraid to take chances and to succeed or fail alongside the people populating their offices. Both companies hire based on culture–skills, interests, and social fit–as opposed to simply taking the shiniest resume (thanks again for that). Both companies’ offices are hives of laughter and creativity; places where skilled, brilliant people (and me) bounce ideas off of each other, augment each others’ skillsets, and–contrary to the laws of radical physics–produce unique awesomeness where only ordinary awesomeness existed before. Finally, both companies are wholly vested in their final products, and in the satisfaction of their consumers. Both companies rely on making a superior product in an ever-diluted market in order to keep you coming back.

Also, there were scenes from Toy Story.

Five go! stamps out of five.

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