Gotomeeting: Teleconferencing Do's and Don'ts

Gotomeeting: Teleconferencing Do's and Don'ts

There’s a handy tool called gotomeeting which allows you to do presentations over a conference call. Not only can you show your screen to others on the meeting, but you can switch presenters so others can show you their screens.

Our Account Managers usually set up and run the meetings or show presentations. If you are usually the one presenting, you may not notice some things that can be distracting for your audience. I’ve created a list of Do’s and Don’ts for gotomeeting users (but this can apply for any video conferences or presentations such as, Skype, etc.). I have also found many of these items helpful with presenting face-to-face and connecting to a projector.

Video Conferencing Do’s:

  • DO: put the call in information in the calendar invite for easy access. I usually follow up with an email if clients prefer.
  • DO: hide your dock. If you are using a mac, it uses up valuable real estate and can be distracting
  • DO: Clean up your virtual desktop before the meeting. If you are switching through files or windows, the messy desktop can look unprofessional
  • DO: begin prepared with presentation items pulled up before hand – if there are several documents to go through, have them placed on your desktop for easy access or have them open in your doc already.
  • DO: have necessary internet-accessed items ready in multiple tabs on one window to reduce transition times.
  • DO: close all unnecessary applications to reduce distractions and possible lag time.
  • DO: Type notes on the presenting computer so participants can see. This allows them to add to or correct your notes.

Video Conferencing Don’ts:

  • DON’T: be late—with gotomeeting, others typically cannot connect until you, the organizer, starts the meeting so its important that you start the meeting about 5 minute early.
  • DON’T: chat or instant message people during the meeting unless your audience needs to see the chat (I doubt they ever do). You should turn your chat off before starting the meeting.
  • DON’T: have the call in a noisy place. We advise all calls to be taken in a conference room so that you are not distracting your co-workers and to reduce background noise for the others on the call
  • DON’T: forget to charge your laptop or be connected to battery power!

What are your do’s and don’ts? do you have some best practices for teleconferencing? Let us know in the comments!

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