Happy Non-Negotiable New Year…in September.

Happy Non-Negotiable New Year…in September.

Okay. I’ll admit it.

I may be planning ahead just a little bit. However, my past strategy has always been to wing my new year resolutions. They come up last minute and are forgotten just as quickly. I finally promised myself that I’m tackling the new year head on, starting in September.

I vow to not wing 2014.

In my pursuit of growing ‘personally and professionally’ everyday at goBRANDgo! it’s time for some non-negotiables.

It’s a growing edict and I decided it’s time to start putting them on paper (or inter-webs) in case a few start falling through the cracks. A non-negotiable is anything I’ve decided is worth devoting my time to. They can be specific, vague, inspirational or boring, but no matter what, I promise myself I’ll stick to it. If I can’t keep my promise, I’ll cut it from the list. My goal is to identify 40 non-negotiables by December so that I can roll into the new year with some resolutions.

Consider this my beta.

Therefore, I’ll continue adding to (or removing from) this list whenever I come across a non-negotiable I find interesting, attainable, and worth my time. To start, I decided 5 was good.

So, here’s a premature cheers to the new year:

# 1 Kick everyone’s ass in email etiquette.
When people don’t capitalize “i” it gives me reason to think they aren’t especially diligent. When they respond with one word, no periods, or 10 lines of text with no paragraph breaks, my imagination doesn’t depict Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, or any other notable figure on the other end of the computer. Instead, I think of the kid in my class group project that was bound to never show up to a group meeting and stumbled in late, without notes, to the presentation. Don’t be that kid. Although email revolutionized the speed through which messages can be exchanged, it shouldn’t result in you spending less time crafting those messages.

# 2 Always say “Thank You”
People don’t say it enough. If you can leave every conversation on an appreciative note, you will be perceived as more positive and grateful. People like being thanked, so make it a habit.

# 3 Offer to help out
By offering help, people will come to rely on you. This doesn’t mean you have to help everyone with everything. Be selective, but also don’t be afraid to go out of your way. If people see that you’re willing to go out of your way for them, they’ll return the favor when you need it most. Nothing is better than having a favor owed your way.

# 4 Stick to your guns
When two people agree in business, one is irrelevant. If you believe in it, then don’t let it go. Make your case, be logical, passionate, but also understanding. In the end, you’ll realize people respect you for standing up for your opinion. You’ll definitely be wrong sometimes, but that’s okay. Just remember, no one consults the guy that agrees with everyone, because that doesn’t add value to the conversation.

# 5 Tell the truth
Believe it or not, but people know when you’re lying. You may think you’re good at it, but trust me, our whole lives we’ve been training to decipher lies from the truth. Never give people the gut feeling that you’re hiding the truth, because that one gut feeling could shatter any trust they’ve built with you. Trust doesn’t come easy in a competitive business environment.

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