Harness the Power of Facebook Targeting

Harness the Power of Facebook Targeting

With Facebook responsible for an estimated 90% of social sharing, it remains a primary way to attract new leads and share content with your followers. Because of the many different forms of ads and promotion tactics that Facebook offers, deciding how to spend advertising dollars can be overwhelming. No matter what type of ads you choose, honing your audience is what will make your campaign effective.

The first big challenge when it comes to advertising on Facebook is getting your posts to show up on people’s news feed. Facebook’s algorithm recently was recently updated to prioritize posts from users’ “friends” over posts from companies, even if they follow the company. Without advertising spend, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever reach users who don’t already follow you unless one of their friends shares your content. That’s where paid advertising comes in.

There are some simple strategies you can follow to ensure that the people you want to see your content get to see it. Start by defining who these people are—where they live, their age, their hobbies, interests, or employers. Unless you’re promoting employment, housing, or credit opportunities, you’ll do better when you have a more defined audience or target. Imagine you’re throwing darts. If you aim at the bullseye, you’re very likely to hit the board. If you aim for the board as a whole, you’re almost certain to miss the bullseye, and you’re likelier to miss the board entirely! These strategies will help you get the most for your advertising dollars on Facebook.

Define Your Audience

One of the helpful things about targeting on Facebook, whether by boosting a post or creating an ad, is that Facebook allows you to hyper-target your audience. Once have identified your audience, it’s much easier to send it directly to the feeds of specific people. Want to target urban-dwelling females in their 50s who are interested in antique printing presses? NASCAR fans in rural areas of the state? Facebook makes it easy. You can even save custom audiences in your ad account, so you can reuse the same audiences for future campaigns.

If you have a list of email addresses in your database, you can upload those contacts to Facebook to target people who are in your network but don’t necessarily follow you on Facebook.

Zero In On Your Target

You can select your audience by gender, locality (you can zoom into a specific city or broaden your scope to a state or region), and interests or behaviors that they have mentioned (fans of certain sports, lovers of brands, followers of causes or members of professions with specific job titles). While defining your audience, Facebook will provide guidance as to whether your parameters are too specific or broad and will let you know the potential reach of your post based on your specifications.

Work the System

There are hundreds of variables that impact the placement of ads, updates and news stories in a user’s feed. Facebook assigns a relevancy score to posts to predict whether a user will like, comment, share or hide content, or mark it as spam. This makes it even more important for businesses to know the interested of their intended audience and select those interests and behaviors when creating their ads and boosted posts.

As a best practice, aim to reach an audience of 500,000 people or more to avoid creating an audience that is too narrow to make much impact. Also, cross-reference your list of contacts to the people who already follow you on Facebook, so you don’t waste your ad spend on people who already follow you.

Next Steps

Want to learn more about how to use Facebook targeting to drive your message home to your audience? Need some help identifying exactly who you should be targeting? The team at goBRANDgo! is ready to guide you through this process with expertise and clarity.

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