Help! goBRANDgo! needs more Rockstars to join our team!

Help! goBRANDgo! needs more Rockstars to join our team!

goBRANDgo! is growing and we are proud to say we need more high-energy, passionate teammates.  We have found the best referrals come from those we know and trust.

Who do you know who is excited about life, embraces new challenges & innovation, and wants to work in an environment that empowers personal and professional growth?

We are looking for a Marketing Account Manager, Creative Design Guru, and Web Programmer.  See our STRICT hiring criteria below:

Marketing Account Manager– Basically someone who: (This Postion has been filledBrent Goldstein)

  1. Is known to strike up conversation with the cashier (likes people).
  2. Color coordinates their closet (organized).
  3. Always dominated their family at games like Monopoly (strategic thinker).
  4. Was the Captain of their kickball team (can coordinate a team).

Creative Design Guru– Basically someone who: (This Postion has been filled- Krystyna Ninh)

  1. Can translate what “Make it Pop” means (turn people’s jargon into imagery).
  2. Shared their crayons as kid (likes to collaborate).
  3. Doodled in class and still got an A (can multi-task).
  4. Has Rockstar Design skills (proficient in Adobe Suite).

Wicked Awesome Programming Intern– Basically someone who: (This Postion has been filled- Was mad Full time- Brian Dooley)

  1. Spends more time with people than slaying dragons (has social skills).
  2. Hacked their schools’ computer to change their grade (not really, but always looks for more efficient code).
  3. Likes the sound of coffee grinders (goes until the job is done).
  4. Looks at the blue sky and thinks #0099FF (proficient in html & css and can decipher php and JavaScript- WordPress experience is a bonus).

Thank you for your help and making goBRANDgrow!  Please send all resumes, inquires, and bar napkin sketches to our recruiter Jill Adams, with Hire Me Talent.  JAdams (at)

Three work stations with Dual Monitors looking to have their worlds’ Rocked by the right people!

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