Hope Is Not A Strategy

Hope Is Not A Strategy

We all have hope. Hope is a good thing. It can provide comfort, peace, anticipation, joy and expectation. Filling out the NCAA March Madness Basketball Ball bracket is a huge example of an exercise in hope. We all pick our final four teams based on some knowledge, some statistical evidence and a lot of hope.

If you are a business owner and you are setting out to write your business plan, REMOVE HOPE AS A STRATEGY! Sure, you can have and should have hope that you will hit certain milestones and that you will be a success. At goBRANDgo! there are certain words and terms that we use more others-they are part of our GO!nacular:

  • Wins
  • Networking
  • No! (used when one of our 4 legged friends relieves him or herself in the wrong place)
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • Online Presence
  • Strategy

Nothing is more important than strategy. Think about it. Panera Bread gets ranked the # 1 casual dining restaurant in U.S. because they have a strategy. Butler University has made their way to a second straight final four because they have a strategy (that seems to work). Believe it or not (like it or not) President Obama just didn’t decide to bomb Libya. He and his staff developed a strategy. Easier said than done right?

No one knows your business, your vision and goals better than you do. Developing a strategy takes time, effort, a lot of brainstorming and in most cases soliciting help.

Example: You are starting a photography business with a goal of $1 to $2 million in sales by year four. How am I going to do that?? You start with a strategy which serves as the roadmap for your business plan. Some elements of the strategy include: business name, type of photography (portrait, wedding, sports, nature…etc) target audience, website,  marketing, financial, sales and personnel. Remember- the strategy is only as good as the execution.

At goBRANDgo! we have a process that we adhere to with prospects and new clients. Our Strategy Session plays a vital role in the process. It’s what I call the “launching pad”. It sets the tone for everything that follows. Our clients tell us that we are really good at this. They also say that they enjoy the process, it helps them execute and most importantly it serves as an invaluable tool for them.

Stop hoping and start strategizing.

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