How a dump truck got me interested in marketing

How a dump truck got me interested in marketing


How does a dump truck influence somebody’s career path…into marketing?

I started thinking recently about how I got into this industry. My degree is in marketing and I have been watching commercials with great interest ever since I can remember. After a lot of deep thought, it occurs to me that it all stems back to…dump trucks.

The story begins

My father owned a small commercial construction company called Eads Constructors. He built fabricated metal buildings for a manufacturer called Butler Buildings.

As a kid, I spent a lot of time driving around with my father (like you do), to and from school, sporting events, and even to jobs he was working on. My dad drove a standard F150 pickup truck that was nondescript and similar to every other F150 on the road, with the exception of the ladder rack.

As we drove around St. Louis I always noticed the enormous McCarthy Construction trucks with their white cabins and bold red logos emblazoned on the sides.

I asked dad, “why don’t you have a dump truck?”

In my mind, if he had a dump truck with “Eads Constructors” on the side, his company could grow to the size of McCarthy. I wanted so badly for my dad to put the name of his company on his truck.

I realize, looking back, that McCarthy was the only other construction company I knew of in St. Louis. They did a great job with brand awareness by making sure that their trucks, their hard hats, and even their workers clearly displayed the name of their company.

It dawned on me a few months ago that this consistent representation was my first recognition of great branding. I know now that it takes more than just a dump truck with your name on the side to automatically grow your company, but it was a great start to a long and fun journey into the marketing world.

What was your first memorable experience with branding and marketing? Has it shaped your path at all?

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