How America Became Spoiled

How America Became Spoiled

Our generation has been sold a different “American Dream” than that of our grandparents or even parents.  The perfect life of old was made up of a happy spouse in a suburban house with a white picket fence, one car in the driveway, 2.5 children, a dog, a job you stayed at for 40 years, you retired with a pension, and then rode off into the sunset.  The key to a happiness was having food on the table, shoes and clothes on your kids without holes, and just maybe enough leftover after several years of hard work for a color TV.  Does this sound like a happy life to you?….I didn’t think so.

Everything about our world has changed.  What previous generations considered luxury items are now expected items of every day life…for 2 year olds.  Think about it, our grandparents needs literally were food, clothing, and shelter.  Now, our needs are the latest iPhone, trendy clothes, a new car every couple years, and matching bedroom furniture.  We completely take for granted that all of our real and actual needs are basically just given to us.

Then the question becomes, how did we get here?  How did we become a society of fat cat, spoiled brats that has to have everything and have it right now?  Well, at its most basic principles, it’s really just an evolutionary process.  Every generation has had their “needs” expectations raised from the previous ones.  If you go waaaaay back, needs were a cave, a fire, and a furry animal…only it was used for food and clothing, not as a pet.  From that point on, each generation has improved upon its needs processes to make them easier to attain making them become expectations, then sights were set upon new “needs”.

The problem I see with where we are today is that a lot of people have high expectations and even higher “needs”, which in itself isn’t inherently bad.  What is bad is that we expect them right now and without any hard work.  So, not only do we expect and need great and wonderful things, we want them to be just given to us, because after all, I did work 42 hours at my job last week, and I didn’t even call in sick once this month.  We are in the age of instant fame and fortune where reality television, a record deal, and winning the lottery have completely replaced the notion of how people actually have to work hard to have nice things.

I am one to always try to find a positive in every situation, so where’s the silver lining in all of this?  Well, for the people who are willing to put in the extra work and the extra hours, for the people who are willing to take the additional risk, who are willing to fail and bounce back, and who are willing to sacrifice today to have tomorrow, the world is their oyster.  When you are surrounded by a society of mediocrity, the ones dedicated to a challenging goal, will eventually rise to the top.  So, as difficult as this road can be, if you think you are heading in the right direction, keep working hard, keep the faith, and keep forging ahead, and you will prosper and have all the “needs” you will ever want.  You’ve just got to keep going.

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