How to Prevent Burnout

How to Prevent Burnout

Entrepreneurs seems to have an endless supply of energy, and just about the only thing that bring our energy down is burnout.  I’ve noticed that times that I’m not super-pumped and engaged about tackling the world’s problems are when I am feeling burned out, which often comes from a feeling that I am sprinting on a treadmill with the incline set to “mountain”.  The feeling that no matter how hard or how long I work, it doesn’t seem as if any progress is being made.  The only way I’ve found to prevent and/or overcome this feeling is to keep proper perspective on the situation, which can only come from putting both successes and failures in their rightful place and actually having milestones that mark progress.

In this Whiteboard Wisdom, I reflect on my observations on a drive from Vancouver to Whistler while on vacation and how it directly applies to the life of an entrepreneur.  I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it can help prevent burn out from attacking you.

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