How to Schedule a Meeting

How to Schedule a Meeting

Our office runs on Google Apps, and consequently, a lot of the specific tactics that I’ll talk about are Gcal-centric. Brandon talks about Google Apps at length here if you’d like to find out more. The rest of the best practices are good advice, even if you (for whatever reason) decide to not use Google Apps.

Step-by-step process for booking a meeting:

  1. Determine all necessary parties
  3. Find a time that works for all parties
  4. If internal meeting: Book the time by sending a calendar invite to all parties. If external meeting: Continue reading…
  5. Put a HOLD on that time (this ensures another meeting does not get booked before client confirmation). To put a hold on the calendar, send a calendar invite to all parties with the title HOLD: [MEETING TITLE]
  6. Offer the time to the external parties
  7. When the external parties confirm the time, go back to the HOLD invite and update the calendar event to remove the hold – this lets all parties know that the meeting has been confirmed and reduces confusion

Calendar Invite Best Practices:

  • Think about time zone differences
  • Fill out ALL information
  • Add the location (a title of the place or the address)
  • If it is a phone call: note it in the location and detail who calls who and at what number (Example: LOCATION: Phone Call, Stevee calls Ryan at 314-754-8712)
  • If it is a gotoMeeting: include the call-in information in the description
  • If you have an agenda or key points for the meeting, enter them into the event description
  • Confirm the meeting day before and reiterate preparation items

What are your best pracrtices when it comes to scheduling and booking meetings? Did I miss anything? Is there something you do differently? Let us know in the comments section!

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