I Found Our DAD!

I Found Our DAD!

Every week there are a million little wins.  I meet with awesome people, work on awesome projects, learn more awesome things about the Internets. I have told everyone that will even somewhat let on that we are going to get into a work conversation how fantastically unconventional our company is.  For instance, this morning, we went through our Wins for the Week, got into our productions huddle. made fun of Connor, then 15 minutes later Derek, our President/CEO, grabs me and the creative director.  Gonna have to fire someone….. would be what most people think.  But in true mad scientist form, we are presented with two bar napkins.  One is two sided, when unfolded, both apparently written in sharpie while he was in the back room of a wine bar trying not to be sick.  On previously mentioned napkins are his views and ideas on how to involve clients in more of the project and spend more time with clients at additional landmarks rather than having to redo certain portions of our designs.  We weren’t going to fire anyone, we were going to brainstorm, on his brainstorm, about how we can improve productivity, further.

Things like that lead me to thinking such as the following.

My win for last week was reading Penny Arcade, a nerdy little webcomic i have followed for years, and reading their article on Valve.  Now, granted, we do a variety of marketing and they focus solely on creating awesome video games.  But I had a connect the dots moment.  All of their policies, the mobile offices, the employee benefits, the brainstorming get-togethers, the artistic flair done to everything from their lobby to their coat hangers.  They bleed Valves, we bleed go!.  My initial thought is that Valve had a one night stand with a marketing company and produced some offspring, of which it never claimed, and sure as hell didn’t pay child support.  But in finding our father company I saw what we aspire to be, where we are headed, and that despite the lack of parenting we have the same genes, the same makeup.  And for the couple minutes it took me to read the article I felt like our office was almost as newsworthy.

Hopefully one day, we can be even awesomer than dad, without his financial support, or guidance.  I really want his guidance and financial support though. I miss you dad.  If you are now confused if I am talking about my personal relationship with my father or drawing a fancy narrative of my thoughts on connecting Valve’s awesomeness to our own, then mission accomplished.

Other wins included our meeting with Don Barnes to go over Small Business Week, Brian getting his design approved, or internal site going live and functional, which requires a login so I won’t link it. To seeing more and more finished projects. Personal win was the motorcycle and getting it up to working order almost, had to order one more part, stupid clutch cable.

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