If You Don't Listen to Your Customers, Someone Will

If You Don't Listen to Your Customers, Someone Will

written by Derek Weber

There are a lot of symmetries between a business relationship and a personal relationship.  There’s a great deal of trust, expectations, dependency, and what often times is missing (especially if you poll the female side of the aisle) is listening.  Yes, we often hear what is being said, but how often are we really listening…and I’m talking about our customers, not our significant others.  The problem is, if we don’t listen to the desires of our customers, they will find another company who will.

As business owners, we often get caught up what we want to provide, when we want to provide it, and how we want to provide it to our customers, because hey, we are the entrepreneurs and nobody is going to tell us what to do.  But that is a recipe for disaster, because you may end up out on an island by yourself with no clients.  What’s more important is to talk with your customers, find out exactly what it is that they desire (and this is often not apparent to even them) and make your innovations based upon real consumer needs.

Using this approach has pushed goBRANDgo! to develop most of its best strategies, and even got us a nice little highlight piece in the St Louis Small Business Monthly, check it out! This is also when you will find solutions that will be immediately needed and marketable within your customer’s industry.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  The entrepreneur in you gets to shine through as well, because although your customers may point you in the direction they want you to go, it is up to you to go out and do the damn thing.  It is up to you to connect the dots between problem and solution, and it is up to you to package it in a way that can be marketed and sold within a niche market.  But when you listen to the wants and needs of your clients, you’ll be sure that you are climbing the right ladder, because there’s nothing worse than getting to the top, and realizing you were going up the wrong one all along.

Derek Weber
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