Interns Rock.

Interns Rock.

Hello gBg! Fans,

I’m glad we’ve found time to meet.

My name is Tony Trabon and I’ve spent the majority of my waking summer hours interning at the little oasis off of Wisconsin and Utah known to the general public as goBRANDgo!

Throughout my time here I have discovered that I honestly know very little about business, especially when I first started in May (No offense, SLU…but seriously). However, throughout my college career I have yet to experience a course that addresses the following questions:

  1. How do you create an effective sales team/process?
  2. How do you keep employees actively engaged in improving your business?
  3. How does Brian Dooley like his coffee?
  4. What is the concept behind Lean Startups?
  5. How do you grow a small business through setting up systems/processes?

My experience at gBg! has touched on all of these questions and at times I’ve received crash course lessons and summer reading (The Ultimate Sales Machine – *solution to question 1). Also, every Monday morning Professor Derek enlightens us through his White Board Wisdom’s that focus on relevant economic/business issues surrounding the gBg! World. (White Board Wisdom’s will soon be available on our website! I suggest you check it out).

So now that I’ve convinced you this has been a learning experience I’d like to move on to the Wins that have rattled the go!-World throughout the last weeks.

First and foremost, our National American Content Member Miss, Rachel Landes, recently turned 21 and as a result made the whole go!-Team of drinking age. However, I have noticed that drinking age is not always synonymous with maturity as we constantly find ways to amuse ourselves between marketing feats.

Exhibit A.

[pro-player width=’530′ height=’253′ type=’video’][/pro-player]
On another front, July Madness featuring the Value Gap Competition is in full swing after an unlikely pair, handicapped by two-floors of separation, comprised of Brandon and Krystyna swept into 1st after cashing in $6,000 of found value. It looks like complacency has set in among the other teams.

Also, we’ve had a unique experience as we’ve located a portal to the 90’s on Utah Street. One lovely morning a bag of cassette tapes, Polaroids, and lots of things covered in Cheetah print were spread out on the sidewalk that had been thrown from a bag. Brian Dooley quickly swung into action declaring it a 90’s crime scene and in true CSI fashion, he sifted the evidence with sterile doggy bags as gloves.

Well, these are just a few of the wins from the last few weeks, but stay tuned for next week as Denny Blackwell will be hosting your stay.

Oh, and Happy America Day – which in my opinion, should be everyday.

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