Is Your Website Actually Holding You Back?

Is Your Website Actually Holding You Back?

written by Derek Weber

What platform is your website on?  Is it easy enough that you can create, add, and edit content without even 10 minutes of programming education?  Well, I can tell you what content management system (CMS) can…WordPress.

WordPress started out as just a blogging software but thanks to it being an open-source software, developers across the globe have quickly turned it into the best online small business tool available.  Last month, Entrepreneur Magazine did a feature article on “The Juice Behind Your Website” making specific comparison to the most popular CMS’s out there: Drupal, Joomla, Vignette, and WordPress.  They even went as far as creating a chart detailing the best uses, strengths, weaknesses, and who should use each.  The conclusion they came to is that Vignette is perfect for large corporations willing to spend in excess of $250,000 on their website (and who doesn’t have that lying around), Drupal and Joomla were good for websites that require several hundred pages of new content that is constantly being updated, and WordPress is perfect for the every day user, the small business owner looking to have a professional, interactive presence online:

“WordPress is better for the average user–someone who wants to be able to go in there and edit content in the way that you would in Microsoft Word,” says Alex Becker, president of Highly Relevant, a Los Angeles marketing firm that builds blogs and manages social media strategies for small businesses. Becker likes WordPress for its vast community of user-contributed plug-ins, which most users can install with a little education,  as well as the program’s clean, nearly self-explanatory interface.”

The next best thing besides the usability aspect of the website, is that of all the platforms, WordPress is the most afforadable.  This is a direct result of the fact that the platform is so incredibly easy to run, you don’t have to hire super-high end web developers and designers to create and/or make any changes/additions to your site.  Once the platform is built, and you go through our two hour training session, you can manage your site just as well as the developers you’d be paying $150/hour can. Pretty sweet stuff.

We are in the process of adding some videos showing just how easy working with WordPress can be along with adding a virtual site, that we’ll actually let you go in test drive the back end.  We hope that you have as much fun playing with these new toys as we are having creating them.  We’ll let you know as soon as they are up.  As always, email or call us with any questions or comments you may have.  If you’d like to learn more, click here to read about our approach to WordPress Websites and how

We are only as successful as our clients, and we look forward to continued success.


Derek Weber
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