Jar Jar Dies at the End

Jar Jar Dies at the End

My friend just sent me a link. As a geek, I’m wont to have strong opinions regarding my favorite franchises. One of these opinions is that the Star Wars Prequels are not canonical with “real” Star Wars, and that they shouldn’t be referenced as Star Wars movies at all.

George Lucas has been adamant in the past 15 years or so that his (ill-conceived and executed) prequels and everything they brought with them are in alignment with his initial vision for the series and the mythology. Despite emotional, contextual, and logical evidence to the contrary, this is the state of the franchise.

Though there are numerous atrocities that take place in these movies, there is a general consensus—among prequel haters and apologists alike—that Jar Jar Binks was a mistake. A berry boopjack.

Now for the bait and switch.

In the face of all common sense and to the dismay of a vocal majority of lifelong devotees of his product, George Lucas (and now, presumably, Disney) chooses to promote this particular offering as if it were a desirable premium.

Even Jar Jar.

Jar Jar—who is so maligned in the court of public opinion that it is difficult to find any evidence of justification for or support of his inclusion in the franchise—is being killed off by fans over a decade after his introduction, and the hatred among the populace is so palpable that this scene from a bootleg edit still warrants entry into newsfeeds!

I posit that not even Internet Explorer can raise this type of fanboy nerd rage…

And so. To my point…

Do you have a Jar Jar? Is there something that you are clinging desparately to, despite common sense and human intelligence? Why?

George Lucas sleeps on a bed of cash that he can burn every morning and have rebuilt for him each night. He doesn’t have to justify himself. What’s your excuse?

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