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Executive Assistant & Office Manager

You’re in luck! We are actively hiring for our Executive Assistant & Office Manager role. Read on to learn more!

Location: goBRANDgo!, 3301 Wisconsin Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118
Reports to: Company Owners
Hours: +/-9:00am to +/-5:00pm with occasional evening events (6-8x per year) and must be reachable and responsive during off hours, averaging around 40-45 hours per week
Salary: $45,000+ annually based on relevant experience and future potential
Benefits: Medical, dental, and vision benefits-eligible after 30-day review, 401(k) with company match, flex time and some remote work capabilities after 6-month review, unlimited PTO after 6-month review

We are looking for a #RockStar who is OVERQUALIFIED and is capable of and comfortable with filling some very large shoes. If you’ve never earned over $45k/year in salary, you are not the right person. Please, don’t reply. If you want your cover letter to stand out, say something about the last position you’ve held where you earned over $45k.

You must have experience supporting a leader in a fast moving environment, and you’ve got to have some leadership chops of your own. There will not be a training period for you to “get up to speed”, so you must be super smart, really motivated, and used to getting more done than people around you. If you are not one of the smartest people you know, then you are probably not sharp enough for this job, so please don’t reply.

Description and Details:

We receive hundreds of emails a day that require action, and countless more that are information-based. If our Executive Assistant isn’t effective, we will stay up late every night to zero out our inboxes, and our families would rather us be staying up late spending time with them (happy wife, happy life…we’ve learned…believe us). If you are the right person for this position, you’re a communications virtuoso who understands email etiquette and how to communicate effectively with business leaders who also receive hundreds of messages every day. If unanswered or unactioned emails stack up in your inbox, you have trouble sleeping at night—we do, and we’re looking for someone who can handle it, Olivia Pope-style.

We meet and are introduced to a dozen new people a week and we are terrible at following up and putting them into a contact management system. If you’re the right fit, you always follow up. Your follow up (or lack thereof) is critical to our organizations meeting sales goals, which impacts every layer of our business—our profitability and cash flow, employee raises and bonus, all the way down to good toilet paper vs. cheap toilet paper. And everyone hates cheap toilet paper.

We use a lot of technology and are constantly plugged in; we’re looking for someone who can allow us to be LESS plugged in. If you are the right fit for this position, you learn new online software faster than most people, and you are comfortable learning new online tools on your own. We love technology, especially new stuff, and to be successful, you must love it too. You will be provided with a Mac laptop and you must LOVE using it.

We are incredibly organized (just ask our wives), but are terrible at remembering the small things (also ask our wives), if you are the right person for the job you can remember the small things, and anticipate what others will need or forget ahead of time.

We communicate daily with owners of other businesses. If you are the right person, you have excellent written communication skills and understand the fundamentals of business. You are good at being tactful, but firm, and understand when to escalate critical issues. We run a lot of organizations and are extremely networked. If you are the right person for this job, you will be able to become quickly well-versed in the organizations and groups we run, you’ll make inroads with the key players, and you’ll manage us to make sure we lead these organizations toward the objectives and goals we set.

We expect that the person for this role is competent and does not need constant approval. We don’t micromanage, and we will assume things are handled properly unless you tell us we need to step in. When learning opportunities come up, then we are quick to communicate, correct, and move on. If you are right for this job, you don’t take constructive criticism personally—you see it as an opportunity to hone your skills.

Our calendars book out 6-8 weeks in advance (sometimes more) and we average about 10 meaningful meetings per week apiece. If you are the right person for this job, you will expertly manipulate our calendars around the boundaries we have set while keeping a balance between client engagements, hot opportunities, and networking meetings, all while minimizing drive and downtime so we can stay focused on what’s important.

We’re successful. We have built several companies and are going to be growing our current ones and building more. We are active in the community and our business is booming. We need help with the details and administrative workload that takes us away from interacting with clients, family time, and building our business. If you don’t understand business, then please, don’t reply. Ideally you are someone who “gets” what a business does: how it makes money, gets customers, grows, operates, etc., and you’ll share your own ideas about how we can make our businesses better.

Responsibilities, including but not limited to:
Managing calendar and email. Booking travel, pulling together itineraries, managing expenses, and coordinating any materials needed to bring on the trip. Accounts receivable and accounts payable, working with existing software to generate invoices, recording income, looking up amounts owed, etc. Editing and writing—emails, documents, social media posts, communication pieces, website collateral. Benefits and payroll coordination. Anticipating the needs of a fast-paced office to make sure we never run out of the essentials—paper, toner, post-it notes, Kind Bars, beer, and coffee…just to name a few.

The Ideal Person:
A gregarious, outgoing person that loves managing up and working closely with clients, staff, and leaders. A tenacious “get things done” person who attacks a project and drives it through completion. An ambitious “no holds barred” kind of person that will work to powerfully grow our business and our client projects. Pleasant, friendly personality, with excellent customer service skills. Strong written and verbal communication skills. Smart, fast learner, creative and proactive, (i.e. a thinker not just a doer). Good writing skills (professional tone, good grammar/spelling, ability to grasp concepts and construct documents and edit for formatting and consistency). Organized and attentive to detail. Must be sharp, professional and independently self-motivated.

If you do not fit the ideal personality listed above, PLEASE do not reply to this opening. If you make it to the final rounds of candidates, we’ll conduct a thorough personality assessment…so, no BS, please…for all of our sakes.

We have created a fun, casual work environment with a lot of autonomy and no micromanagement. We are a values-driven organization, and we take pride in having a workplace with open, courageous communication, and mutual respect. Are you the exact right person we’re looking for? We look forward to hearing from you.

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