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Junior Marketing Strategist

Do you often hear, “hmm…that’s a really good question” as your curiosity pulls you deeper in, your pattern recognition system intuitively guiding the way?

Are you someone who loves filling in the lines between the dots, creating connections and extrapolating meaning from incomplete information?

If so, this may just be the role that was created perfectly for you.

You will be researching our client’s industry/competitors and conduct interviews with our client’s clients to gather data and transform it into understandable information. 

Hearing and reading between the lines you’ll pour over and analyze that information finding the seen and unseen segmentation opportunities, potentially reorienting the perspective by which our clients see their playing field.

Then you’ll transform this new found knowledge into actionable insights that our teams can work together on redefining the game being played, providing for a competitive differentiation and improved value proposition.

Approach & Responsibilities:

  1. Research Design (assist)
    1. Work with the Client Success Manager and Marketing Strategist to determine the best questions and methodologies in order to achieve our client’s goal
  2. Data Gathering (own)
    1. Own the choice and execution of the best research tool for the job.
      1. Primary Research: end customer interviews, digital surveys, focus groups
      2. Secondary Research: studies, websites, 3rd party data
  3. Analysis (own)
    1. Organize the raw data into information and put the puzzle pieces together transforming it into knowledge providing an outsider’s perspective with insider information (Marketing Definition, Client Segmentation).
  4. Reporting (own)
    1. Knowledge is not power…it is potential power. Only when you report your findings in ways that connect with our clients, helping them see a better future, driving new behaviors will your insights become super-charged business transformers (Client Personas, Competitor Analysis, Customer Journey Map).
  5. Recommendations (assist)
    1. Work with the Client Success Manager, Marketing Strategist, and our client to put the positioning strategy in place and the marketing plan in motion (Positioning, Messaging, Go To Market Strategy, Marketing Plan.

Your work will be the foundation of the future growth (and sometimes even survival) of our clients, who are mid-sized manufacturing and distribution clients, typically family owned. The first step at putting your methodical and meticulous strengths to this good use is completing the survey linked below. We use this survey data to see if your innate strengths and unique abilities match up with those that are required to knock this role out of the park.

goBRANDgo! Benefits

The “Hard” Stuff…

  • A competitive salary and 401(k) with employer match
  • Medical, dental, vision, maternity/paternity leave, and long/short disability insurance
  • Yearly ongoing education stipend to take courses or attend industry conferences

The “Soft” Stuff…

  • An environment where each person has a voice and is encouraged to use it
  • A team of really cool people who truly love their work 
  • A culture of mutual celebration and recognition
  • A place to do the best work of your life and evolve and grow you and your role into the best-er possible versions

**How to Apply – IMPORTANT**

We know exactly the personality traits of the person that will absolutely love crushing this role, so to save everyone time and energy on the front end, the first step in the interview process is to take a survey that identifies your inherent traits as well as what you think the job will require.

Please carefully follow the steps below to apply:

  • answer survey questions (link below)
  • select “Junior Marketing Strategist”
  • click “submit”
  • upload resume, cover letter & two professional references