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Operations Manager

This will be the hardest job you have ever done. 

You will be asked to get more done in less time than you think is possible, all without clear direction. You will be asked to create order in chaos, hold two disparate thoughts in your mind without having your head explode, and create ways to help the team get things done on time, on budget, on strategy, and on culture…all at the same time, all with minimal hand-holding.

Figure It Out, Get It Done.

If you are successful in this role, your perceived ceiling and limitations of yourself will be shattered. You will be able to do more, achieve more, and be more in your life than you ever thought possible, which will give you the discipline and mental toughness to take on just about anything life can throw at you…and life is a whole lot more fun when you have that level of confidence.

If you read the preceding paragraphs and thought “Who the heck do these people think they are?!?” That’s ok, this just isn’t the role/company for you. On the other hand, if we’ve got your full attention, keep going. Once finished, if you get the feeling that we just peered into your soul, making you feel clearly seen and understood (maybe for the first time), then we just may be at the beginning of something beautiful.

Who we are looking for…


Pain of Inefficiency – You can’t help but notice how things might be done better – everywhere, all the time. When you see someone doing something really inefficiently, you have a painful physical reaction and can hardly stop yourself from tapping them on the shoulder and saying, “you know, if you just…” Inefficiency literally hurts you.


Root Cause Fixes – While others may be satisfied with temporary band-aid solutions, you see the true source of the problem and can’t imagine wasting time on anything besides killing it at its roots. When others see a project getting behind schedule, they think everyone should just work harder. You see the roadblocks in the way that are slowing everyone down and find ways to remove them. While others are giving it more gas, you just remove the e-brake and go faster and farther with less effort.


That feeling when things are working just right – Compliments are good, financial rewards are well deserved…but that feeling. That feeling when things work just right. Now, that’s the stuff. That’s what makes your work meaningful and keeps you coming back for more…especially when you see how happy and productive it makes the people around you.


Self-Aware Learner – You know what you know and know what you don’t know, and are able to quickly learn, understand, and apply new knowledge. You are able to do this, one because you are wicked smart, but more importantly, you are able to discern what’s important from what’s not, hyperfocusing on the vital few things. When you set your mind to something, there’s not much that can stand in your way.


Great Listener & Question Framer – You listen to others with just as much intensity and focus as you do everything else in your life. This enables you to listen between the lines, hearing things unsaid, and to ask meaningful follow up questions. You know that a good answer to the right question is infinitely better than a great answer to the wrong question.


Reliability & Accountability – When you take on a task or role, you get it done, and get it done at a high level…no questions asked. You do not require anyone to check-in and hold you accountable, but you are really good at doing so for other people ensuring they do what they were supposed to do.


We are a fast-growing marketing company working with $25M-$250M manufacturing/distribution companies whose owners are in their 50s-60s looking to make a leadership transition in the next decade or so. We are inspired by fostering empowergized leadership that sparks transformational change.


Initial Role and Responsibilities:

  • Timeline Planning: implementation, management and creation of workflows/best practices for launching our new Project Management software
  • Resource Allocation: collaborating with sales, strategy, and creative departments to determine available resources (whether that means time, budget, or people to carry out the work). You’ll need to understand how to maximize impact and make a little bit go a long way.
  • Technical Problem Solving: helping manage and communicate client website/technical service tickets, aid in the setup and management of email drip campaigns and any other technical related aspects that create efficient workflows for all teams 
  • Resourcefulness & Organization: collecting specs from vendors, aiding in ad spend and ad calendar planning, again any of the specifics that will be needed to allow our team to effectively execute the end deliverables
  • Collaboration & Interpersonal Communication: If you’re managing project deadlines and resource allocation, you’ll need to be able to communicate with everyone involved (both verbally and in writing) with team members, clients, and/or vendor/partners.


Growth Path of Eventual Responsibilities

  • Initial 6-9 month tour de goBRANDgo! working elbow-to-elbow producing, creating, and coordinating with our Creative, Strategy, and Sales teams to learn and understand the front-line challenges, opportunities, and nuances that make us great…and not-so-great-for-now
  • Determining best path forward to operationalize our approach to reducing individual dependencies within each department and across the company as a whole
  • Ensuring the right people are in the right seats of the right bus
  • Managing the execution of strategic plan and holding the rest of the leadership team accountable for initiatives and action items
  • Recommend “operating system upgrades” driving the bottom line profitability and other KPIs
  • Rinse and repeat across our portfolio of companies with our not-for-profit, Conflux Co-Learning, and our real estate investment company, Modern Living


goBRANDgo! Benefits

The “Hard” Stuff…

  • A competitive salary and 401(k) with employer match
  • Medical, dental, vision, maternity/paternity leave, and long/short disability insurance
  • Unlimited paid time off, flex-time, and remote work after 6 months of employment
  • Yearly ongoing education stipend to take courses or attend industry conferences

The “Soft” Stuff…

  • An environment where each person has a voice and is encouraged to use it
  • A team of really cool people who truly love their work 
  • A culture of mutual celebration and recognition
  • A place to do the best work of your life and evolve and grow you and your role into the best-er possible versions


We know exactly the personality traits of the person that will absolutely love crushing this role, so to save everyone time and energy on the front end, the first step in the interview process is to take a survey that identifies your inherent traits as well as what you think the job will require. If you’ve gotten this far, you are either really interested or really bored, so you might as well take the survey!

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