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Website / UI Designer

Do you get excited when you know that today will be full of new challenges and experiences?

Do you have a morning routine that runs like a well-oiled machine, but you’re always looking for ways to improve it?

We’re looking for a Website/UI Designer to partner with our clients to digitize their brands–using web design and visual elements to communicate what makes the client a great one to work with.

This is not an entry level position. We’re looking for someone who has a good handle on how web projects work and can run those projects from start to finish. That means working with end-users to gather requirements, create a vision for the site, then create and maintain that site to meet current standards. WordPress experience, understanding of UX/UI best practices and mastery of design tools are a must!

Who we’re looking for:

  • Structure + Flexibility – You like a good routine and value structure, but are flexible enough to roll with the punches when needed. You thrive in an environment where rules are flexible and there’s room for creativity. You will not be micromanaged and no one will hold your hand, but we do have accountability measures in place to make sure work is moving forward.
  • Empathetic Bent – It’s easy for you to put yourself in our clients’ shoes and take on their challenges as your own. Empathy and relatability are part of who you are.
  • Ability to Focus – You like to focus on your work and not get tangled up in the details that don’t specifically relate to your role–we have people to handle the administrative/follow-up stuff. You can focus on designing and creating.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit – You like to “grab life by the horns” and embrace an entrepreneurial way of doing things…doing them in a way that may not have been done before. We move quickly and so will you!
  • Straightforward Communicator – Breaking down concepts so they can be understood by anyone comes naturally to you. You’re the catalyst of many “light bulb moments” for people.

What you’ll be doing:


  • Our clients are awesome and you’ll help us translate that awesome-ness into graphics, websites, and other visual elements.
  • Create and show solutions – Produce creative and effective design solutions inside specifications for user interface elements and user experience processes including prototypes, mockups, and other visual designs and user flows 
  • Lead the design and collaboration with developers to build highly impactful WordPress sites for clients that are responsive, optimized, standards-based, cross-browser compatible.
  • Build design standards and be able to work within standards that have been established
  • Design for digital/web frameworks (BootStrap, React, Vue, etc.)


  • Clearly communicate with people inside and outside of goBRANDgo! about design, websites, digital strategy, etc. It’s important to be able to break concepts down for non-technical people and help them understand your work.
  • Serve as subject matter expert on industry best practices, technology and trends

Teamwork/Client Work

  • Work in a way that is organized and systematic so next steps and timelines are clear to your teammates and clients. You’ll also work within multiple project management systems to communicate development and design needs.
  • Take ownership of your projects and designs, with minimal direction or supervision.
  • Work with end users to develop requirements, then create designs that meet those requirements
  • Work as an independent designer to a dedicated product team, while providing and receiving support from a core small team of fellow designers


  • 3+ years designing website and digital experiences for multiple clients
  • Proficient at Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, Invision, and any other appropriate design tools for mocking up responsive design
  • Exceptional design and creative skills
  • Execute all visual design stages from concept to final hand-off (wireframing, prototyping, style guides, sitemaps, user flows, information architecture, designs)
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with high autonomy 
  • Experience working with existing research, conducting your own qualitative research, presenting results, and using those results to be innovative and delightful where appropriate
  • Experience defining, working within, and expanding upon design systems, design guidelines, best practices and standards

Who makes a great goBRANDgo! employee?

For a deep dive, check out our Culture Statement, but here are some quick-hitters:

  • Empowergize Excellence: There are lots of different ways to get the best out of people. Some demand it. Others command it. We empowergize it. Empower (trust, space/clarity, knowledge) + Energize (passion, motivate, activate). We habitually show up moment to moment as the best version of ourselves with power, zest, and zeal, channeling and focusing our inner fire to do and inspire greatness in ourselves and others…not because we think we are supposed to, but because we are compelled to, because we have to. You are the face of our organization to the client and the voice of the client in our organization. Your mindset and approach determines how excellent both companies will be.
  • Own the Outcome: We take full ownership of what happened, what will happen, and how we will learn and grow from it. We know our responsibilities, understand what we are really trying to accomplish, and have the grit and tenacity to adapt and rise to the occasion to use what we’ve got, to do what we’ve got to do. We accept the responsibility for where we are, who we are, and what we are, and have the discipline and resilience to carry our own bags along the way. We can only take as much pride in our successes as ownership we take in our setbacks. You are in command of the client…you go, we go; lean in, step up, and lead forward.
  • Courageously Communicate: We have mutually beneficial conversations to clear out the noise, static, and friction between each other, as well as within ourselves, to keep the effort of the work on the work. We assume positive intent with every interaction, maintaining focus on our goals not our egos, our shared outcomes not our individual stats. Communication is not about what is delivered but what is received; we seek to understand before trying to be understood. Your main objective is ensuring everyone is on the same page, aligned while marching towards the most important goals. This can only be achieved with nearly constant big picture reminders, drift and shift course corrections, and challenging conversations.
  • Think Big. Be Bold. Start Smart.: We have the audacity to challenge the status quo and envision a bigger and better future for ourselves and those around us. We have the courage to consistently live on and push out on the edges of our comfort zone. We know that to get where we are going tomorrow, we must begin simply and strategically where we are today; to help others transform their opportunities into reality, we must first meet them where they currently are. You paint the picture and consistently remind and realign the client of their bigger and better future, but the only way to get them seeing it clearly is to lay out the path backwards to where they are today making the next best step obvious.

goBRANDgo! Benefits

The “Hard” Stuff…

  • A competitive salary and 401(k) with employer match
  • Medical, dental, vision, and long/short disability insurance
  • Unlimited paid time off, flex-time, and remote work after 6 months of employment
  • Yearly ongoing education stipend to take courses or attend industry conferences

The “Soft” Stuff…

  • A fun, casual office that’s close to restaurants and coffee shops
  • An environment where each person has a voice and is encouraged to use it
  • A team of really cool people who truly love their work 
  • A culture of celebration and recognition
  • A place to do the best work of your life and evolve yourself and your role into the best versions of themselves

**How to Apply – IMPORTANT**

We know exactly the personality traits of the person that will absolutely love crushing this role, so to save everyone time and energy on the front end, the first step in the interview process is to take a survey that identifies your inherent traits as well as what you think the job will require.

Please carefully follow the steps below to apply:

  • Click HERE
  • Select “Website / UI Designer”
  • Click “Submit”
  • Upload resume & cover letter