Keep on Lovin' You

Keep on Lovin' You

What do you do when sales are down?

What’s the deal? One minute you’re on fire—everything is closing. You turn around, and your pipeline has dried up like a snail in the garden.

Unfortunately, the paychecks still need to go out.

What to do?

Instead of looking out at all the vast opportunities out in the sea, my recommendation is to look inward!

Identify your best clients. Those ideal clients. The ones that that you’ve worked with before and who would love to work with you again. See if there is more that you can offer. See if you can add value to your existing relationships, building goodwill while you sustain the money flow until more ideal clients start come around again.

Stay away from the bad fruit. It’s fallen to the ground for a reason.

In Mike Michalowicz’s book, The Pumpkin Plan, he details a multi-layered approach to finding good business, identifying ideal clients, and basically systemizing and owning your own success.

One of his suggestions involves going through your client list and getting rid of the nightmare clients. The ones that you dreaded talking to, the ones that ended up costing you more in morale, scope creep, and opportunity than they brought into your coffers.

Of course, you can’t do this all overnight. You’ve got to systemize it and then wean them off of you (Michalowicz describes some effective methodologies), but ultimately, you need to get them out of your life.

Once you’re working with your favorite clients every day, you’ll be able to better target those types of clients in the future. The odds are, if you’re happy working with a client, they’re also happy working with you. they also probably hang out with other clients that fit your Ideal Client Profile (we call them “smiley face” clients). And if you’re both happy, your ideal clients are much more likely to recommend you to their ideal client smiley face friends.

Before you know it, you’ll be on fire again, with your best clients making up 99% of your business. It means you’re getting more leads. It means you’re wasting less time on work you don’t want to be doing. And it means that your pipeline’s never dry again.

Check out Mike’s book. It’s indispensable reading for getting a new perspective on your business and building towards a thriving future.

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